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Abel Kaynan

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:46

Abel Kaynan was just your average family man, but his brother always coveted his wife and happy life, and eventually, the brother murdered the lot of them in a fit of drunken rage.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:15

Always so friggin tired… Adam steinhart had always been so tired… ma took him to the doctor once when he was little, and the guy said it might have been some kinda blood disorder, but they didn't have no money for no tests.

Agent Alpha

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:06

Little is known about this man's past, even his real name is a mystery. The most popular theory is that he was a former CIA operative who was burned after a mission in China failed disastrously, at which point he hired on with MultiMed, a medical tech corporation based in Mainport, as a security consultant. After a raid on a MultiMed research facility by one of Mainport's numerous criminal organizations left him badly injured, his employers repaired his body with numerous cybernetic implants. Now codenamed Agent Alpha, he has been MultiMed's go-to troubleshooter (in every sense of the word) ever since. His interest in Mainport's various heroes and villains begins and ends with how their activities affect MultiMed's bottom line, but since the company is a high-profile target, and due to the less-than-legal nature of some of their secret projects, he has tangled with both sides of the law on several occasions. Though some encounters might end badly for him, with his opponents certain he has been killed, he always manages to reappear, each time with new implants and even deadlier skills.

Agent Ghost

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:48

Norma Jean is the youngest of 13 children. Her parents couldn't afford to keep her selling to the Mr. Mahi for 26 dollars. She was tested on for a metahuman jean. Trained to be an assasin her martial arts teacher Sensei Kadhar had other plans for her. Giving the child skills that would be more suited for a spy than a killer she also provided the child with numerous books about good vs evil. She grew to become a very opinionated and unruly child eventually escaping. She took refuge in the Children's Army who have put her to good use spying on all parties in the city. She might be able to kill a man 9 times before he hits the ground be she's more inclined to pet a puppy.

Agent S.

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:27

Originally one of M15's top agents, Agent S. disappeared while deep undercover in Russia, resurfacing years later as a gun-for-hire. More mystery than man, Agent S. keeps everyone guessing and leaves no clues. The worlds leading criminologists have only been able to agree on one thing about Agent S; he is a really, really snappy dresser.
His ego is his downfall. He is brash, and eventually bites off more than he can chew with Mr. Mahi. Forms unlikely partnership with Citizen Riot when both become the target of the Sade Squad and S finds himself against the ropes for the first time in his career.

Akira Ishida

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:44


Allistair T. Caldwell

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 13 Aug 2012 04:58

The famed 19th century shipping magnate who's acquisition of a patch of coast would lead to the founding of Mainport City, and whose subsequent disappearance would set the tone for mainport's reputation as den of murderers and theives.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:25

Very Little is known about andraja, and she likes it that way. Growing up in the hay-day of the anonymous subculture, Andraja never learned an appreciation for identity. She needed no better reason for this than what she felt was the necessity of hiding her latent telepathy; every time she had provided an insight to someone that tipped her hand, she felt their fear as sharply as a knife.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 04:59

Designation: AX-9077 or Arachnobot

Asuka Doe

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 15 Aug 2012 17:24

Asuka Doe was a child born into a poor family in Mainport, but she was a child with exceptional skills. During her childhood she displayed the ability to mimic the athletic abilities and skills of people just by watching them.
At some point she was approached by an unknown individual who gave her falsified documents and enrolled her into Manport's All Girl's Cadet School. After a few years she was one of the top students, using her ability to mimic the physical skills of the schools past top students including the Deva. When school officials, suspicious of her, began looking through her documents, she was found out and forced to flee.
Returning to the slums of mainport, she rallied all the orphans and abandoned children training them and outfitting with weapons acquired from the man known as White mask. Soon calling themselves The Children's Army of Mainport they became her mercenary force. She has since vanished leaving the leadership of the Children's Army in the hands of Teen Idle.

Mainport Tales: A Rite of Passage

by MarvinMelvinMarvinMelvin 12 Aug 2012 15:08

Mainport Tales
A Rite of Passage
by Anonymous

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Baby Doll

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:08

In the outskirts of Mainport lies a crumbling Victorian manor, that stands condemned. Ever since it was built, it had been followed with a bad reputation, but it wasn't until the 1950's that it turned sinister. At the time, a young family made the house their home, until they were found massacred, all dismembered with a kinfe, save for the youngest daughter, who's body was never found.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:04

Nothing is known of Babyface, apart from him being Madubwana's newest student. His true face has never been seen, and he seldom speaks. But what is certain is that he is a monster through and through, able to kill without mercy and slaughter as if it were a game.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:52

Raised among a family of circus-performers, Backdraft's family died in tragic chemical fire, along with the audience in a performance-gone-wrong, he survived only by finding shelter beneath the carcasses of the dead and dying. Though he managed to go untouched by the flames, the nature of the chemicals involved with the fire soaked into his skin and when he finally emerged, he did so with new powers!

Battle Bard

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:54

Out of the night during a full moon, a young man had what seemed like a normal acoustic guitar thrust into his arm by a wizened old suffi mystic on the streets of Tripoli telling him that the fates have chosen him to wield an ancient weapon to save his country. This began an intense spiritual journey of training and rockin' out but before his training was complete his master was killed by a pro-Gaddafi artillery strike. Burning for revenge, the Battle Bard joins the Free Libyan Army to take revenge on the dictator Colonel Gaddafi who infact has dark powers of his own and who is protected by his elite Amazon bodyguard unit. Can this portly, out of shape musician defeat one of the longest ruling dictators in history?


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:21

A college dropout by the name of Benedict Blevins, Ben as he likes to go by, who lives at home in his parents attic. Spending his time working in a comic book store along with his friends and fellow D&D dorks by day, and wasting the nights away playing D&D or working on his character sheets.
One night after an abnormally long game he and his three friends bore witness to a fight between a superhero and a villain. While standing around gawking at the two combatants, they were struck by a blast of mystic energy and left sprawled on the street.
Waking up hours later Benedict was surprised to find himself alone in an alley, even more so to find that he was completely unhurt.
While making his way home he inadvertently healed a homeless man who had been stabbed during an argument.
Realizing that he gained powers from the blast, he sought out his friends to see if they too had been affected. Deducing that their powers were tied to their character sheets, Benedict's being of a Monk/Cleric, meaning the blast could only have been a misaimed magic spell. Deciding to put their new found powers to use, Benedict and his friends split up and head into the seediest parts of Mainport. Occasionally when teaming up they refer to their group as the Outer Guild.

Black Knight

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:13

Felix Vinson is D&D nerd who lives at home in his mom's basement and works in a comic book store during the day. Spending his time working his best friends, playing D&D, or writing short stories.
One night after being engaged in a prolonged game, he and his three friends were witnesses to a fight between a superhero and a villain. While staring in awe at the two combatants, they were caught in a blast of mystic energy and sent flying into the street.
Having been launched several feet away with head head pounding and having had the wind knocked out of him, he passed out. Waking a while later and thinking that his friends had left, Felix took off running and headed home. Sore and feeling as if his body were heavier he made his way straight to hi bed and collapsed into a dreamless sleep.
On his way to work the next morning he accidently tore the front door, frame and all, off his mom's house.
Realizing that he gained powers from the blast, he decided to check with his friends to see if they also gained. Coming to the conclusion that their powers were tied to their character sheets, Felix's being of a Knight, they figured that the blast was probably magic spell that missed it's mark. Choosing to use thir powers for good, Felix and his friends split up and make their way into the worst parts of Mainport. Occasionally teaming up as the Outer Guild.

Black Magic: Master of conjuration

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 17:03

Black Magic, conjurer for hire. Slinging spells, and battling practitioners of the dark arts!


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:08

The Daughter of a once influential revolutionary and a former ballerina, she was the youngest of seven children. The first few years of her life were as uneventful as those of any ordinary child, that is until the day a man in a top hat entered their lives.
She had been playing hide and seek with her sisters, hiding in her father's study, but they had not yet found her when the man arrived. He had come to see her father, he spoke to him of old times and of debts owed. Her father argued that he had paid the price for the past, That their business was over. To which the man spoke of the other, and how he never forgets when he has been slighted. Her father told the man to leave and to never return. The sky grew dark as the man left, but he had made a promise to return because he still had to collect.
Shaken by this her father began making plans to leave the country with his family. But this would never come to pass, as a few day's later the man would return but this time he had not come alone.

Boss Negro

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:04

He saw it all out that window. The City of Mainport. He wasn't born here, but he made himself here. When the 'heroes' took down Big Man Owen, it left the city open for business. He had what the city wanted, and all he needed to do was set up shop.
- From Mainport Tales: The Last Day of Kareem Jackson

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He rose to power as a ganglord in Mainport's city streets but suddenly took a trip to the motherland after a series of dreams. There, he met Madubwana who he brought back with him. Now he can fight and shoot like no other and has achieved an almost godlike status among his crews.
He has a working relationship with Mr. Mahi but otherwise, despises him.

Brother Rose

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Aug 2012 02:14


Brother Sharp

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:28

Forsaken by the mystical city of Cheng Gua, Brother Sharp's methods of justice were deemed to extreme for his kind, and thus cast out into the world where corruption and darkness have a vicegrip on the hearts of men. So on a journey for Redemption, Brother Sharp cast his old chains and began to rebuild his soul, purifying the world around him. Finding himself in Mainport, he is surrounded by the vices of weak men and women, and he seeks to cleanse the darkness from this city. But with every punch and kick, he asks, "When will I be cleansed?"


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:15

For all intents and purposes Jimmy Clambers, or Bubbles as he's known, is a loser. Once a janitor at a research lab in downtown Mainport, Jim was caught in an accident that gave him super powers. Excited to find himself finally "special", he "borrowed" a suit from the labs storeroom and set out to fight evil, without having fully tested his powers.
Inflating his suit by accident, he found that the badguy's punches would bounce off him, unless they hit his face. Also he was susceptible to strong winds ending up somewhere uptown during a fight downtown after the wind picked up.
Feeling dejected he sat at a bus stop and sulked until a newspaper ad caught his eye. Answering the ad, he went on to meet a group of other super-zeroes and teaming up with them. Now as a member of The Fish's Victory Squad he feels like a winner because hey, at least he's not Mr. Cool Ice or Ex-Ray.

Burning Heart

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:05

Burning heart discovered his powers at an early age, as young boy he could increase heat in small localized areas. He could aim these bolts of heat and toss them at objects, though he would never use them against people. As he grew so to did his powers grow, from generating pockets of intense heat to igniting full blown conflagrations.
In his teen years he became very involved in the revolutionary movement going on in his country. During one protest the government forces opened fire on them, Heart saw no other but to use his powers to protect the people. Creating a wall of flame between the protesters and the army. After a few years of fighting for the rights of his own people, he decided to travel the world and fight on behalf of those who can't fight for themselves.
While in Japan one day, he came upon a group of young thugs beating a younger teen. Rushing to the young mans aid he began fighting the thugs, holding back on using his powers for fear of hurting them. While in the midst of battle he was distracted when the young man he was defending tossed a fireball at him.
Seizing this opportunity on of the thugs struck Heart with an old bottle, he fell unconscious. When Heart came too he discovered to his shock that he was surrounded by the charred corpses of the young thugs. Horrified that he might have lost control and murdered the teens and being blamed by the authorities Heart fled, he ran as far as his legs would take him. Heart would spend years feeling the guilt for this event.
His travels led around the world and finally to five years later to Mainport, having had spent all that time refraining from using his powers as act of atonement.
But in Mainport he would be spurred once more into action, the evil that gripped the city forced his hand. Settling down near Mainport's Chinatown, Burning Heart has become one of the chief protectors of the are. But he still has a habit of coming and going whenever he wants. He attacks randomly, occasionally going after crime bosses and corrupt officials.
As of late Burning Heart has gone missing, prompting rumors of his death. No one is truly certain of his whereabouts, but according to Xin'jo he is alive and well.

The Bear

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:20

Dr. Hotpants' #1. was originally straight, but was seduced by Hotpants' charisma and followed him as a leader.
Eventually convinced to undergo the doctor's gayification treatment (due to frustration with women), and is so far the treatments only successful test subject (also the only consenting test subject).

The Belvair Twins

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:15

"You're Ms. Belvair? I heard you were good…but I doubt you're good enough to get away with shooting me in my own restaurant."
"I might not be…but I know someone who is."
*Ms.Belvair #2 takes the target out with a sniper as Ms.Belvair #1 calmly leaves her table as the restaurant panics.*

A pair of Twin assassin's who are thought to be one person, a belief they exploit to the fullest. They are highly sought out due to their efficiency, and that they get the job done. They have never been seen together in public, though they employ disguises to keep the truth about the secret.

The Black Biker (V)

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:13

One of the earliest African-American vigilantes, the Black Biker was a masked hero who patrolled the streets of the Texel neighborhood of Mainport during the 40s and 50s and helped bring several crime syndicates to justice. In 1954, he retired, citing injuries and health concerns, and revealed his identity as one Roland Jackson, who became a minor celebrity in the black community. In 1960 Jackson gave his blessing to another man who became The Black Biker II.

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Captain Connell

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:59

Captain Connell was patrolling his sector over the planetoid formerly known as Earth when a tremendous temporal anomaly occured! His spaceship was sent back to the present and made a crash-landing just outside of Mainport. A broken and demented man, Connell wanders around, convinced he is on an alien planet and still in the future, desperate to hold together the psyche that the warp-incident tried to hard to destroy. All his weaponry and space-faring gear (save for his helmet) was obliterated in the crash, leaving him to fend off of modern-day utilities which he can use to create post-modern weapons straight from a sci-fi digest!

Captain Entomology

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:24

Terry Thormin was an esteemed entomologist who specialized in insects that survived in arid habitats. One day, while exploring the deserts of Egypt, he happened upon a magical amulet bearing a resemblance to Khepri, the god of scarabs. This amulet granted him powers over every insect in the world, and using his powers, Terry put the insects to good work, helping restore balance to nature and helping with medical and environmental sciences. While he can control billions and billions of insects at a time, doing so causes great strain on his mind, so he can only do so much at one time.

Captain Santoros

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:12

"The first category, you'll notice, is labeled 'Special' that's Comstat speak for 'We Don't Know What The Fuck It Is." - Santoros addressing the SPARROW unit in Shark and Sparrow Chapter 1


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:39

One of the new crop of supers who have begun appearing throughout Mainport city. An oddly dressed acrobat, who moves swiftly through the crisscrossing streets and maze like alleyways of Mainport. Doling out justice to all evil doers, and safeguarding the weak.

Cat Commander

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:30

A cat raised by orphans, the feline now known only as Cat Commander learned not only to live among them, but also to live like them, communicate with them, making their traits his own. Now he drives cats to rebel against their owners, striving ultimately to drive humans from their homes and establish a homeland for all cat-kind, with him as their benevolent feline fuhrer. He has to be killed nine times before he truly dies. If killed only once he resurrects 24 hours later.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:09

Changes, as he now calls himself, died 900 years ago on a battlefield in a east-European country. He forced himself, through force of will, to live again. And so he did, with his memories and skills from his past lives intact. And again, and again, and again, living each life differently with all of his memories from the last one. Now finding himself in Mainport, Changes is now working for the Mainport science museum, and having finished his 57th degree, has begun to fight crime. He always keep a baby picture of himself in his wallet for reasons he hasn't told anyone - pic related.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:20

Young activist Adam Fleet was simply going about his ordinary life when he had his wallet stolen. While chasing down the burglar he stopped to help an old injured man the burglar had knocked over in escape. In gratitude the old man who happened to be an aging mystic granted him the powers of speed to chase down the burglar.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:44

Her eyes taken as punishment for a deal with devils gone bad, she has since learned how to use her gifts of insight and knowledge of magic to give aid to heroes and villains alike. Everything has it's own price that must be paid, whether in money, deeds, or blood.

Chief Constable Cocksworth

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:38

Lord Cranston Cocksworth the Third was a man of nobility and learning. He always believed in being a gentleman above all else and made himself learned in many gentlemanly forms of fighting. Despite his nobility he had a love of police work. He became a constable and soon rose through the ranks after dispatching more criminals than any other constable. Soon the Queen recognized him for his skill and asked him to become the crowns envoy to other Nations, and perhaps clean up crime world wide.

Christopher Cushing

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:54

The vengeful spirit of an actor named Christopher Cushing, who was murdered by his wife's lover, who was jealous of his fame. He had been a star of many horror films and his ultimate fate resembled one, his rage at the world allowed him to return as a wraith.
When his body was moved to the Mainport cemetery he was pulled along with it. Dwelling within the darkness during the day, at night he emerges to fill the minds of those foolish enough to enter his domain with horrors beyond imagining.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:17

Barry Grew up in a loving family in a nice suburb far away from Mainport. he was disgusted at the monotony and shallowness of everyone around him. it drained him of emotion leaving an empty shell ofa person living in a nightmare. When he turned 18 he bought a gun to die in style, on his own terms. his hatred of the world around him was tempered by a woman, she showed not person was shallow and evil but many were. able to feel something for this woman, he put gun away. later when his woman was killed in a car accident. Barry lost his mind, and put a gun to his head, and fired. he woke up in Mainport sewers with a circular burn on his chest and a note in his pocket. it simply said "We are here in the devils city, and we are tasked with cleaning it. pull the trigger and i will come -CircleShade".


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:10

Cirnope drew his inspiration from his favourite touhouz and decided that he wanted to become THE STRONGEST! One fateful day, during a snowstorm in Northern Canada, Cirnope was out looking for his lost dog until a piece of snow knocked him unconscious and he ended up covered in snow. After about 7 days, he was able to effortlessly go through the snow like it was nothing. Cold felt really good, in fact. From then on, he decided to become the STRONGEST!

Citizen Crab

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:06

He is a shrewd politician who has crab powers. what more do you need!?
Introducing new policies to curb tide of supervillainy in Mainport, but has to contend with widespread corruption. Also has become a favorite target for humiliation by The Mean Green Five.

Citizen Riot

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 04:57

A young Tibetan who studied in China. His father had been killed in the crossfire in the most recent unrest in that country. When he returned to take over his father's estate he found that his dad was actually a gun-runner who was killed for supplying ammunition to Tibetan revolutionary groups. In his own country, he led the forefront of a small revolutionary group, but soon it got more complicated. He found out that his father was sold out to the Chinese government by a shadowy figure called Mr Mahi. Leaving his group behind, he began a one-man quest of revenge.

Coke Moe

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:21

Born as a crack baby, but never recieved proper treatment.
His mother gave him small doses of cocaine over the course of his life, giving him a massive tolerance and altering his growing metabolism.
Now, he requires huge quantities to feel anything, but gains listed powers which he'll use to fight perceived injustice, or to get his next fix (hence neutral)


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:11

Will appear at random during important events. Codename: Sightline has witnessed her appearance twice and is intensely fascinated with her (if that is the right pronoun).

Commander Vanderhuge

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Aug 2012 07:50

Commander Ahren Vanderhuge was once the leader of an elite special forces team. As the number of superhuman criminals began to rise, his squad was put into action protecting the people. During a raid on a suspected super-villain hideout, Vanderhuge and his men stumbled upon a lab of super arms dealer.
Finding an array of weapons and equipment the likes of which they had never been seen, Vanderhuge was drawn to a device at the center of the lab. As he had guessed the recent upsurge in superhuman's wasn't a natural occurrence, they were being massed produced in labs like the one they found. The Device would imbue those subjects, willingly or not, with superhuman abilities. Seeing as they were fighting a losing war, and that their side lacked the necessary muscle to protect the people, Vanderhuge made the decision to use the device.
Refusing to let any of his men take the risk, Vanderhuge primed the device and entered the pod. In seconds his body was bombarded with strange energies, he could feel his body shatter and rebuild itself, becoming bigger and stronger. But he had no knowledge of how the machine truly worked, he had set controls wrong and now the machine would not stop, it built so much energy it exploded.
The Blast killed his men, but Vanderhuge survived, his mind warped and destroyed by the process. He led a vicious attack against the supervillains who terrorized the city and the police who were to weak to stop them, he saw himself as the only law. Razing an entire city block before he vanished into eastern europe.

Commissioner Beauregarde

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:01

His next card fell to the ground beneath the podium. He froze for a moment in terror. He had been a soldier in the Queen's army, he'd hunted men across the world, and he'd been a policeman in one of the roughest cities you'd ever see, but public speaking was the thing that made him nervous. - From Shark and Sparrow Chapter 1

Conversation Recordings

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:11

Mr. Mahi: This man is Citizen Riot. He's in the city and he needs to go away. He doesn't need to die. He just needs to get out of this city.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:23

Originally a poor youngster in the Manilla slums, Courier embraced justice and stood up for children who could not stand up for themselves. His upbringing in the slums, however, did not stagnate his brilliant mind, and he eventually moved the United States through scholarship after graduating from his university with top honors. In the US he pursued his love for science, but after a particle collider accident went terribly wrong, he obtained his powers. Now retired from the superhero game, he still can be seen kicking ass and protecting the poor in Mainport.
Not shown: Him knocking out thugs with his escrima sticks at 200 miles per hour in a pair of worn rollerblades

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Dalton and De Gracy

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Aug 2012 04:40

Dalton and De Gracy where once the best enforcers in the Bertelli mob family. If a job needed to be done quick and easy they where the ones to call.
Dalton was the leader of the duo, a talkative fellow with a steady hand and quick temper. His short fuse and tendency to resort to violence at any slight earned him a lot of enemies within Mainport. An expert marksmen, once you put a gun in his hand and pointed a target you would be certain he would not miss. When not out "working", he would spend his time gambling, drinking, and chasing women.
De Gracy on the other hand was the more subdued of the two, a grim silent figure with a cold thousand yard stare. His forte where tommy guns, and other machine guns. Not much for finesse, he had a certain proclivity for overkill. He was also highly skilled with knives, a skill he picked up in the army.
During a turbulent time in Mainport, when new crime syndicates where popping up trying to supplant the old families, the head of the Bertelli family sent Dalton and De Gracy out on a job. They where sent to assassinate a hood parading as a business man who was making a play for their territory. They ambushed the man's car one night only to find that it was a trap, they were gunned down and left to die in an alley. De Gracy died almost instantly, but Dalton was a fighter, he was still clinging to what little life he had left. After what felt like hours he felt himself begin weaken, his vision going dark.
As Dalton felt his life ebb away he heard a voice call to him, it offered him to save him and De Gracy in return for pledging to fulfill a request. Dalton agreed, not wanting to die in a dirty alley on a heap of garbage. As soon as he did he felt the most intense pain he's ever felt, feeling his strength returning he rose to his feet, though he was still alive he was still badly injured and bleeding from several wounds.
As he looked at De Gray's lifeless body he was horrified, De Gracy's body began twitching his eyes staring widely, it's mouth opened an let loose an unearthly howl. De Gracy's bullet riddled corpse began to rise, every wound blazed with a sickly green glow as they sealed themselves shut. Once again the voice began to speak to Dalton, it told him of his new mission in life, of how he was to find and kill the necromancer Aza'gani. It also explained to him of how De Gracy would be his new weapon, revived and empowered to fulfill this task.
After taking a few weeks to fully recover the two of them set out to search for the illusive necromancer.

D'arcy Hellebore

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:14


Dark Angelo

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:12

No one is sure of her intentions, but it is clear she is one to stay away from. Many who tread her path often became either insane or dead, so often times investigators stay far away from her. It's often said that she appears in times when someone is in deep sorrow, but whether she does not is still dubious.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 14:09

Created in 23XX to destroy all would be conquerors. His maker was discovered before he was completed. To keep him out of the hands of his enemies he sent him into the past. Found by a young entrepreneur Sako Matokoa he reversed engineered the robot and found out that Tokyo would be destroyed because of an unknown man in Mainport. Re-programing it to defeat all evil in Mainport Sako puts his faith in a man he will never meet and the robot that calls himself Darwim.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:18

Mainport is crawling with filth and the scum of the earth, and Deadeye is amongst the few scumbags to love it. Freelance muscle, and dirt cheap, Deadeye has worked for many of the big players in the city, and is very loyal to whoever pays his bills. He's not the brightest crayon in the tool shed, and his aim is terrible but he's more than able to make up for it with his gungho attitude and a love for automatic weaponry.

Deep Labs

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 17:12

somewhere MultiMed has a lab where its said geniuses are building thing years ahead of the competition, some rumor that the board of directors don't even know what happens down there, some say that its funded by one of the three factions in town, rumors are that they will kidnap kill or take take people off the street just for a subject to their sick experiments

Delegado Zero

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:15

As a young man, Subcommandante Marcos was shocked by the Tlatelolco massacre of students and civilians by the Mexican federal government. He went to the mountains of Chiapas to convince the indigenous Maya population to grant him their ancient powers to fight against the federal government. They gave him the Pipe of Ah Chuy Kak the God of War to help him in his quest of fighting the Good Fight against the wretched federal government

Delilah Dawson

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 15:07

Even though she has been passionate about composing music since childhood and has steadily pursued it through graduate studies, Delilah couldn't avoid persistent belittlement and spiritual degradation from her peers, professors, and lovers. Bo Samson, a violent womanizer, was the straw that broke her spirit. Delilah made a deal with nefarious forces to obtain her powers — and the means through which she could rid the world of Bo and his ilk.
Part of the heirloom among Delilah's family's heirloom was a collection of Civil War-era weapons; coincidentally, Delilah received these a week before she obtained her powers. After dealing with her formal fling and getting some critical practice with a local gun club, she started offering her assassination services on a free-lance basis.

Doctor Greystache

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 17:59

A scientific genius turned criminal mastermind. Capable of scientific wizardry the likes of which the very world trembles at. Constantly at odds with Professor Badass, Greystache's mental might is enough to rival Badass's own incredible intellect. Unlike most of Mainport's resident villains, Greystache isn't truly evil, he's more of a ne'er-do-well in it to prove that he's the greatest mind in the world. He's also in it for the money, science isn't cheap.

Double X

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:42

Was a scientist at Mainport Technical College, studying smart materials. Testing a new polymer and taking drugs was actually quite a good idea for her though and dunking herself in the tank of it caused it to adhere to her skin. Its extremely durable and she is resistant to pain.
Describing this as "cool", she ditched college, after a "mysterious" fire destroyed the lab, took up being a gun for hire, and has not looked back.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:51

Dr. fist was once an industrious hard working engineer with dreams of greatness. During one fateful night, on his way home from work, he was witness to a titanic battle between Professor Badass, P.A. Dapper, Techno Viking, and the Disciples against the Sade squad and a group of Mr. Mahi's super enforcers.

Dr. Hotpants

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:19

A rather likable fellow, one has to be aware of hotpants' absence of ethics to really judge him as a villain.
His reasearch centers on human sexuality, and he considers himself the logical opposite to those people who would seek to "cure" homosexuality through religious indoctrination.
The lack of ethics comes in when you consider that there are not many straight men who WANT to be gay.

Dr. Rape

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:22

Possibly insane, definitively a genius. Dr. Rape will fuck with any and all law of nature, juridical law and law of decency. why? BECAUSE HE CAN!


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 14:58

A down on his luck adman with nothing left to live for, he wandered into the desert to die. Stumbling on an old nuclear test sight during a terrible storm he was struck by a bolt of lightning, the residual radiation in the ground interacted with the ionized air and the electricity transforming Jerry into the super charged dynamo he is now. Now an energy being in a container of indestructible flesh he seeks to make the world pay his misfortune.

The Delegate

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 18 Aug 2012 04:19

Sherlock Albritton, chosen by Mainport's underground revolutionist movement "The Council" to transform the city from a decrepit crime-ridden metropolis into a thriving utopia, is The Delegate. Acquiring technologies from incapacitated SPARROW units and frequent break-ins of the MultiMed laboratories, he has a vast arsenal of weapons at his disposal. The Delegate wages war on all levels, eventually hoping the topple Mahi economic and criminal reign as well as stop Madubwana's black market war games.

The Deva

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 15:09

A graduate and survivor Mainport's All Girl's Cadet School. Deva's high scores and ability to adapt to situations singled her out, she was inducted into a program meant to improve on the natural abilities of the best and brightest students.
After graduating she set off on her own becoming a highly sought out assassin and mercenary, using her looks to catch targets of guard. But her conscience caught up to her, and she found that she couldn't stomach murder as a career anymore and vanished for two decades.
Returning to Mainport she has tried to keep a low profile, but the rampant crime and injustice has begun to stir something within her.

The Disciples

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:05

During one of Professor Badass experiments his lab was attacked by a group in the employ of Mr. Mahi, sent to destroy the lab and the Professor. During the skirmish, in which Professor Badass showed his assailants just why his name is Professor Badass, a group of young men appeared through a tear in time caused by the experiment.

The Displaced

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:10

Hernan Tulipa worked in a small clockshop somewhere in Europe. He wascaught in the path of the powerful force known as Mirror Man.
He was not one of the people who It wanted dead, but one of the customers that was in his shop at the moment. A negro man in black clothes. When MIrror Man burst trough the glass of the big pendulum clock that hanged in the wall, one tiny little piece of glass, coming from the creature itself, cracked and went trough his eye (so the sunglasses), penetrating in his skull. He lost the consciousness.

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by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:03

No one is sure of what this entity seeks in Mainport nor where it comes from. Her moniker comes from the constant echo each of her steps makes when she decides to decent from the heavens. It has been documented that she attacks indiscriminately, crushing both vigilantes and local police alike in an effortless yet painful way. It is advice to not patrol alone around the western part of the city as Echo has an affinity to appear in the vicinity, for what purpose, remains a mystery.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:39

El Tiburon was an ordinary lucha libra champion wrestler and surfer from the Baja Peninsula until a faithful encounter. Visiting his esses in Mainport, he chanced upon Professor Badass, who was having a surprisingly difficult time fighting off a group of thugs. El Tiburon intervened, teaming up with Professor Badass to take down the gang. As a reward, the Professor gave him a surfboard that can bend the physics around it to make anything ridable like a wave. To this day El Tiburon continues to protect the city of Mainport while renewing his wrestling career there as well.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:26

Mr. Mahi's best kept secret, a psychic who entered his employ of her own volition. Enigma's identity, let alone her existance, is kept secret from everyone. Her visions led her to Mainport years earlier, following a dream of greatness at the right hand of someone powerful. Mahi keeps her safe in return for her visions, and her ability to look through the minds of others.
As of Professor Badass arrival her visions have become fractured and distorted.

Escher Lass

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:57

When other logic games and puzzles stopped giving her a challenge, Adriana (her real name) adopted a new moniker and set out to test her skills on a new stage, that of the recently expanded conflict of superpowered characters in Mainport. Constantly matches wits with Professor Badass and annoys Commissioner Beauregard to no end.

Experiment 1

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 17:09

The files on experiment one say they found a man dying on the street and took him to their deep labs where they wiped all the humanity out of him and rebuilt him to their specifications. ex1 is more machine then man and was their first of the cyborgs but because he could not handle more then 30 people in a room with out starting to hunt for spys and people not trustworthy to work in the deep labs he was declared failure doomed to guard the deep labs.

Experiment 2

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 17:10

The AI is based upon the deceased Jason DeVillain, who was murdered for the purpose of providing the AI. Ex2 was seen as the ultimate spy, infiltrating the police firstly, with the hopes that it could move on to easily fit into the major gangs.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:30

Raymond Xander is in love with super-hero mythos. after inventing his visor (which is complicated enough to adjust that only he can use it), he became determined to become part of the world he worshipped.

The Editor

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:00

Hank Halls was the former editor and chief of the Mainport Post. He was forced to resign after immense stress caused him to go crazy. Since then he has read everything ever printed in the city of Mainport and seeks to get revenge on the Mainport post. He always send in an "early edition" that will have his plans for his next attack coded within it.

The Ermine

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:16

Dahlia L'Trimm's unique genetic disorder (adult-onset-osteofloppification) ruined her modeling career. She turned to crime to keep herself in haute couture and expensive drugs. Although she's good at being stealthy, she's terrible at being sneaky - it's as though she can't grasp that what she's doing is wrong, so she doesn't lie about it. She also gives up if she's outmatched or if the heist is taking too long. However, as part of the right team, the Ermine is an invaluable asset.

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by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:28

This horrible monster is speculated to be the ghosts of many dead soldiers, round up into one terrifying creature as horrible as the horrors of war. Known to sometimes roam the cemetery in the Caldwell Heights region, and the wastes beyond the borders of Mainports southside.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:53

Another byproduct of Professor Badass's time experiments. Has left this Pictish warrior stranded in time. While not quite able to speak in modern tongue, she seems to have sworn allegiance to Professor Badass.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:17

Was Professor Badass's friend and accomplice, however, after they finished the glasses and he put them on first as the result of a bet, he instantly changed his opinion of the workings of lesser men and abandoned the Professor in his efforts. He now mostly works as a scientist and debater in order to further is own (unknown) agenda.

The First One

by tkingtking 10 Aug 2012 19:36

One of the best doctors in town, while working at a free clinic on her free time a mister phil villen, gave her one of four prizes, as soon as she got on it the first one awoke and she sneezed on a hobo causing the hobo group to be wiped out.
ancient power

The Fish

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:22

"blub blub blub"
Once a young man with a dream of being a police officer for the fine city of Mainport. But all that came to a tragic end when, during a routine investigation, he was caught in an explosion at a haunted aquarium he was imbued with amazing-ish power. Gaining the ability to breath underwater and sort of speak to fish, The Fish was born. Also his head may actually be a fish.
Spending almost a year underwater training with the fish kung-fu masters, the Fish returned to help stem the tide of supervillany, only to get laughed at by other "heroes".

The Fourth One

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:52

Malachi Jacobson was a very pious elderly farmer. He worked hard every day, and went to church every week. His life changed when he purchased a rather old and pale horse from the farmers market. When he first rode the horse, the moment he sat in the saddle, he and the horse were transformed into living skeletons. In this form he believed himself to be the true incarnation of Death, the 4th horseman of the apocalypse. When gets off the horse he returns to normal. He is wracked with guilt from his rides on the pale horse, but he is ever tempted to ride again. Deep down he still believes he is the spirit of death.

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by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:16

He is a man of many talents. Believed to have been created when a sandwich bomb detonated at microsoft headquarters. Gabe works as a mild mannered game developer/gun and knife collector/hat enthusiast, but when duty calls be becomes the Gaben. The hulking hero of weapons and hats. He remains vigilant as the hero gaming deserves, constantly on the watch for his nemesis Bobby Kotick the Moneymancer.

The Gentleman

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:39

An old schoolmate of Cocksworth's and former member of the Holmfirth Hunting Club who has only sought to bring down the British Crown since him and Cocksworth split ways.

The Ghost

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:19

Ghost was the top up-and-coming rap artist in Mainport until a drive by left his posse bleeding in the hospital. But not ol' ghost, oh no. That night he discovered he could pass through solid matter and appear where he wished. Ghost would make those thugs pay. And the shooting? well it only secured Ghosts 'cred, and his career is more successful than ever.

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by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:55

Hallie grew up in northern Canada and has always hated the cold. The only problem being that since she was a little girl the cold has seemed to love her. At first Hallie only knew that the cold and snow always seemed to follow her but after one fateful day she got lost in the woods during a blizzard, she learned that she had domain over the cold air. After several years of trying to refine her powers she decided to leave her home and travel to Mainport city where she might do some good. She is no fully aware of just how powerful her abilities are and mostly uses them for wind/cold/snow/ice based attacks.

Hell Train

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:57

The train only appears to those who are desperate enough and most willing to sacrifice. It offers anything that the heart desires weather it be weapons, transportation or even the impossible. The train gives it all, but demands equal for offering its services. Whether the debt be paid in blood, souls or sanity.

Henna the Hipstress

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:46

Henna hunts the most dangerous game because safaris are just too mainstream. She tries to come off as a detached, beyond-good-and-evil kind of shooter but deep down is still a nice girl who wants to be accepted. Always looking for the strangest of guns, rounds and weapons.

Hermanas Negras

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:50

The black sisters had a very slow accent into the higher echelons of the criminal underworld.
not biologically related, they met as sex slaves before they were ten, and helped each other escape when they were 17.

Hobo Knight

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:34

No one knows who he is exactly, but the homeless and those who would prey on them of the Mainport speak in rushed tones of a man who strikes like lightening to protect those who are less fortunate. It is said that he looks like an unassuming bum, but those who underestimate him are often found near death. Uses his great strength and wick wit to defeat attackers, even superpowered ones. Perhaps he's not in the big leagues, but there are many who call this man a hero.

The Hofu Watu

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 15:25

Master Aza'gani's followers, the Hofu watu.
A clandestine group of men who have sworn loyalty to the necromancer Aza'gani, when called to action they don masks to hide their identities and make them appear more fearsome. They act as a network of spies and muscle for the powerful necromancer. Collecting information through espionage, reconnaissance, surveillance, and most often by torture.

The Holmfirth Hunting Club

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 04:55

Back in WW2, a group of boys were drafted into fighting the Nazis. When they came back, they joined a local hunting club as a way to curb their PTSD and keep them busy, but MI6 recruited them to hunt down spies and Soviet agents throughout Europe. All the club's members aside from themselves died when they eventually retired so they recruited a group of Holmfirth boys who had just come back from Vietnam to follow in their footsteps. Now the Hunting Club is open to all British veterans and hunts down targets for the British government.

The Hood

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:22

"My prize. For two millenia, Roman aristocracy carefully preserved these in manor houses and museums. In 1939, the Italian government commemorated it's alliance to Germany by offering three golden eagles to Adolf Hitler, which once topped the standards of Julius Caesar's armies in Gaul…"
- The Hood to White Mask in The Shadow Inside The Eagle

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by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:09

Darrell Pickford, or ICEpick to the online world, is one of many freelance hackers plying his trade in the Mainport underworld. His first big job was an online stock scam that made him enough money to flee from America before the government collapsed, and now he does work for anyone willing to pay. Rarely ever completely offline, he is usually seen sporting his trademark ComShades, keeping track of as many as a half-dozen active "projects" at once as he goes about his day.

Ignacio Martinez

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:47

Ignacio was a humble watchmaker in his hometown of El Presido, Cuba and happily married to his childhood love Emiliana even though she could not grant him children. He loved his work and poured every bit of passion he had into his watches. Until one day the violence and brutality of the Communist Revolution of Fidel Castro took away his wife. Trying to cope with the loss of the one woman he truly loved, he locked himself in his workshop and worked day and night on his watches,humming the song his wife always sang, hoping that one day he would invent one that would allow him to go back in time and save his beloved. Unfortunately he has only been able to create ones that can stop and slow down time wich sometimes causes him to erupt in a furious rage and trashing his workshop while screaming :I failed you again my love in Spanish. Fearing that the newly installed Cuban dictator Castro might interfere with his work, he fled to America and ended up in Mainport where he continues to work on the watch that might bring back his wife…


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:06

Not much of her is known or cared about. But what is known is that she was a junior bank clerk whose amazing ability to ignore the world around her got her into trouble during a heist. Caught in the middle during a fight between Professor Badass, and his sidekick D.A. Dapper, against Dr. FISTICUFFS. Her ability to ignore the world became a super power after getting accidentally blasted by both sides, who forgot that she was even there. Know she fights a never ending battle to ignore the hell out of crime!


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:54

Inque started and lived most of his life the way any ordinary person would, but after mishap with some lightning and delivery of India Ink he found himself blessed and cursed with his current powers. At first he was unable to put himself back together but eventually he figured out how to reconstitute his body, and decided to use his powers for good.

Inspector Hayte

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:35

Inspector Hayte is a simple police officer, lacking only the slightest regard for due process.

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Jacob Tawes

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:34

Jacob Tawes worked his way up from one of the many cube farms of the MultiMed Corporation to the head of the company's R&D division. After losing his arm to a car accident, he was fitted with a top-of-the-line MultiMed cyberarm, and decided to start featuring him in the company's advertising ("Not only am I an employee, I'm also a very satisfied customer."). His lesser-known job, the one not listed on his official company bio, is "opposition research", i.e. spying on MultiMed's competitors and keeping tabs on anything that might be worth stealing or sabotaging. He usually deploys one of the company's many "security consultants" to carry out jobs like this, but when greater discretion is required, he'll hire freelancers to do the work as deniable assets.

Joselito "Jose" Rosales III

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:45

After disaster strikes his hometown in the Philippines, Jose leaves his home country to pursue a job in Mainport City, a growing metropolis. Born into a religious family, Jose prays to God every night, resulting in his unearthly happiness and hope for mankind. Jose finally lands a job at the Mainport Gazette. Noted for his unusual happy-go-lucky attitude, the current editor gave him a little role as a Theater columnist's assistant. While watching Mainport's musical production "Cats" with the Theater columnist, Dr. Hotpants, Gay Bear and all their henchmen, take the occupants as hostage. The Theater columnist is killed by the Gay Bear for taunting them, as Jose watches on in horror. Luckily, Prof. Badass and P.A. Dapper arrive to clean up their act, and save everyone. That night, Jose is inspired by what happened. He goes to his apartment, types up an article about that day, sending it to the editors the next morning. The story becomes a hit, and he gets promoted to columnist. Jose realizes his mission after praying one night, as the Holy Spirit tells him that he must use his journalistic skills for good. In the events to follow, Jose works closely with superheroes, often appearing after the battle to try and interview them. His stories are a whitewash campaign praising the brave heroes, and condemning the wicked. And knowing the risk, hew owns a Snubnosed revolver, and his trusty Balisong. Unbeknownst to him, he resides in the same complex as Loner Luke. He also has a crush on Lady Turul.

Punch & Judy

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:04

Judith Porter was a puppeteer who would put on shows for the children of Mainport. She was fishing through an old pawn-shop's wares when she stumbled on an old puppet that caught her eye. Before knowing why she liked it so much, she bought the thing. Over the following nights, she was plagued by nightmares of some other, unearthly world. It was like Escher and H.R. Giger got together to design a grotesque parody of the venues at which she performed, and in each dream, she was performing, new puppet in hand, for a gaggle of demonic children. At the end of the seventh night, she awoke unable to move her body. Now, the puppet controls her every movement, and when it makes her perform for children, the special ones might have similar dreams. Prof. Badass hopes to find a way to break Punch's control, since Judith, while unable to physically act, has been psychically venturing throughout that same hell she saw in her dreams. She has amassed a great deal of occult power that she cannot yet use, and wants payback against Punch, and to save the children he's infected.

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Lady Turul

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:15

Turul was raised in a wealthy family in a small town in England, and was often considered a strange child. One night Turul disappeared from her family home. Her family frantically searched for her, but to no avail. She was found a week later standing on the roof of her school, a smile plastered on her face, saying that she had seen the face of God. She said God had told her to leave for Mainport City and to purge it of evil. He had also given her a gift of great psychic powers. While the event had never been mentioned again by her family, she spent the rest of her childhood harnessing the powers she gained. When she turned 20 she left her family for Mainport City, aiming to fulfil her god given duty and patiently wait for her next message. She is said to have a third eye, though its hard to tell with her fringe in the way.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:07

He was found him wandering the Saharan desert with a bull skull on his head an an AK 47 slung across his back and a series of burning villages in his wake. No one knew how long he'd been out there or if he was the one who torched the villages. He was taken to a United Nations prison where he grew to rule a gang that worshiped him. He eventually killed ten inmates and thirteen guards before escaping to the US and eventually to Mainport. No one knows if he has super human abilities or not, but his legend is definitely earned.

Le Gazer Fou

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 17:14

A mysterious silent figure that stalks the night. Slinking through the alleys and twisting backstreets of Mainport, attacking anyone or anything unfortunate enough to cross his path. With a near endless supply of chemicals and and gasses he terrorizes the populace.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 14:00

This legion was the second of this name it has appeared many time throughout history, with their face taking what reminded of death, the black death they looked like the doctors, during ww 1&2 they took gasmasks, the vatican and other powers always hunt them down when they make a move but since they are many then they've never actually been defeated, they watch with their many eyes, the various factions waiting for the time to swarm.

Lesco P. Oppenheimer

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:55

This old fella has seen Mainport grow into the Metropolis it now is, and has not liked all that he saw. The owner of various food manufacturers and farms, he is quite wealthy. No billionaire, but comfortable.
He funds a lot of good causes in Mainport, helps out the police, and employs a lot of people. Used to be a crime fighter, Ironside, fighting off the thugs and vermin who harass what he views as his people.
A bit of an old warhorse now, he gives out advice, shelter, funds, and yes, the occasional resurrection of Ironside, to the new generation of heroes.

Little Miss Bruiser

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:18

When your daily run passes the local university chem lab during a freak electrical storm, accidents can happen. Formerly a competitive Bojitsu (Japanese martial art of staff-fighting) fighter, Little Miss Bruiser found that, with her newfound powers, she was a danger to her competitors. After paralyzing her good friend from the french team from the waist down, she vowed to make it up to the world. She took an olympic barbell, and, wielding it like one of her staves, decided to take on metahuman crime.

Loner Luke

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:28

Born in the slums of Mainport City, Luke Balger and his brother Greg were sons of German immigrant parents. When their parents died in a police drug raid, the two were sent to an orphanage where they spent the next six years fighting the other kids. At around age 18 they got out and Greg found himself a decent job, and the brothers found themselves humble apartment near the poorer areas. But when a high taxes struck the city, the two weren't going to make rent. Luke, out of desperation, went out to steal cash from victims who work near the financial district. For the next year, Luke would mug people, and perfect his style to an art. Soon, his antics catches the attention of Mainport City. Commissioner Beauregarde has Luke on his Most Wanted List, and the papers would occasionally have an article about the lone "serial robber". Despite the unwanted attention, Greg himself is alright about it since it pays rent. Occasionally, villains and syndicates will call upon Loner Luke and ask him to find targets to get answers or money from, and if necessary, kill them. He is apart of the underworld scum that Professor Badass has to deal with.

Long Haul

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 14:02

When it absolutely, positively has to get there, and you can't afford air transport, you call Long Haul Jones. Growing up in LA before the collapse of the U.S., he learned to drive in the traffic capital of America, and in the years since immigrating to Australia, he's learned the best routes to get your cargo where it needs to go fast and safe. He won't haul just anything though; if it violates his personal code of honor (hard drugs, human slaves, WMDs, and the like), you can find somebody else. Otherwise, he's the best in the biz, and its a reputation he's earned by being one of the only freelance haulers to survive an attack by the Wastehounds with his haul intact on three separate occasions. Rumor has it that the Queen of Pain has offered a small fortune to whichever of her men brings her Jones' head.

The Lambent

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:14

Since birth, Carressa was gifted with the ability to make any object that came into direct contact with her hands into a weapon. During her teenage years, she used it to her advantage, bullying others in order to get what she wanted from her fellow students. One faithful evening she went too far and nearly killed the daughter of a local gang member. Her actions came with repercussion, as her uncle and father were killed in a hit-and-run murder and her mother left comatose after taking a near-fatal bullet to the skull. Years later, she roams the streets of Mainport using her unique ability to execute those who she sees as filth.

Powers: Weapon Infusion

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by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 23:22

Zeke Mayberry was raised in a family of criminals. His father was a petty thief, his mother would defraud banks, so it didn't take long before he was pulled into the life of crime. Joining up with one of the various gangs situated in Mainport he steadily rose through the ranks becoming the head enforcer in his crew.
Accompanying some of his boys on a heist, Zeke was caught off guard when a strange glowing object appeared before them. It gave off a pulsating golden glow before it exploded killing all but Zeke, who was found by police and arrested.
During his recovery in Morris Penitentiary he discovered that he had been imbued with incredible strength, and he used this strength to escape from prison by punching through the walls.
While making his way back to his crew, he was approached by members of Mr. Mahi's organization seeking to offer him a job. Through this meeting he discovered that the incident that gave him his powers was a set up and members of his gang, friends, had sent him to die.
Now he is one of Mahi's top men.

Madam Barricade

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:18

When no prison could hold her in her own country, she immigrated to the US to live a peaceful life, but in Mainport her talents are at a premium and trouble seems to find her.

Madame Almaz

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:16

An entirely silent woman of mystery who communicates her desires through interpreters and messengers, legend makes her to be the daughter of a poor middle-eastern woman and a russian soldier whose village was torn apart in a battle between two rival gangs for possession of a shipment of russian diamonds passing through the region. Through sheer strength of will, cunning and ruthlessness she infiltrated both gangs, gained a loyal following, murdered their leaders and took absolute control of their operations. They say that the diamonds she wears are the very same that her village was razed to the ground for.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 04:18

Me see him in da fiyahs! He be more dan a man, boy! He be a demon in da flesh!
-the visions of a village witch doctor

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Mahi's Angels

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:23

Janelle, Jelly, and Jerica were caputured by pirates and faced a bleak future. Their lives were saved by Mahi early in his piracy days. They swore their lives to him. They are his most loyal servants and would happily die for him.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 18:03

[[div style="float:left; width: 65%; padding: 0 2%"]]
Mainport is one of the largest cities in the world, boasting a powerful economy and high standard of living. It's also the largest concentration of super-powered individuals on the planet.

Mainport's All Girl's Cadet School

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:29

Super villians want their kids to be smart, and safe. So they send them here. Funded jointly by Mr. Mahi and Madubwana this school teaches girls military knowledge, political tactics and any other training a future warlord could use. Asuka Doe was given forged documents and attended the school for 3 years before being found out and having to run away forming The Children's Army of Mainport.

Major Catastrophe

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:03

A Serbian hero "of the people" who was put on assignment in America chasing after some conspiracy in Mainport. She has the skills of a spy but none of the subtlety as she's not "officially on the records" of any country. After some tragedy (caused by the US) in Serbia, she was granted diplomatic immunity until she could hunt down this rogue force.

Man with the Hex

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:20

Ordinary 9-5 code monkey finds a glitch in his code. After searching for the reason he finds something he did not put there. It was some kind of a message. ''Go to the library and borrow the book called ???'', the name of the book is still unknown, all of the files were deleted after this. When he went to borrow the book he was taken into a solitary room, and locked inside by the library workers. He was there alone, with the book and a light on. He opened the book and started reading it. By the end of the book he went absolutely crazy, when he was released from the room, he right away started killing every single person in the library and later further into the city. He went on a bloody rampage and killed about 780 people in the course of 2 days. When police came to stop him with everything they had, they could not kill him. They managed to contain him for a few weeks but he got away.
By the drawings in his cell, the only desire he has is to kill himself after he saw what was in the book. However, he is indestructible and has not shown any other powers. He now picks fights with the greatest heroes and villains in order to finally die.
It is not known who sent him the message, how or why.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:40

A man known simply as Manuel, no one knows what his last name is or if he even has one. No one really knows his true origins, but reports of a man with a parrot on a motorcycle rescuing people and generally being awesome in the American southwest have been around since the 50's. Some speculate his parrot is also immortal, since he's never seen without it.

Marque de Sade

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:14

A mysterious figure in the underworld of Mainport, The Marquis has his hands in every sultry business in town, from adult theaters to sex clubs, and prostitution rings. He always wears masks and Victorian clubs when working or indulging, and no one has seen his face.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:51

"SPLAT SPLAT go the bullets when they hit the skin, then the gushy red water and sweet silence."
Nobody knows what the hell happened to Marshal to make him the way he is. But he is a sociopathic young monster in training. His wanton disregard for all living things has caught the eye of Teen Idle, who has taken him under her less than mentally stable wing. He's beginning to learn the "joys" of cannibalism.
Member of the Children's Army of Mainport, and has been told by Skinner that when he's older he might have a spot on The Sade Squad waiting for him.

Mascara De Metal

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 15:43

Found the Mayan Skull Mask while training to become the best Luchador in the world, after putting it on he could never take it off so he fought all the Luchadors and won, after that he used his newly discovered powers to take on the Gangs and they accepted him as his leader, now doing under the table deals with American terrorists and even said Demons from hell.

Master Aza'gani

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:19

Once long ago there was a boy who dreamed of being a king, who longed to be looked up to and adored. A boy whom the world constantly beat down, a boy who lived nothing but a life of despair. A tormented wretched little thing barely scraping by, that it is until the day he met a peculiar man who went by the name of Aloysius Carne. A man who opened his eyes to this world, and his mind to that which lies beyond. When the man left he told the boy that when he was ready he should seek the one called Madubwana.

Master Xin'jo

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:56

Master Xin'jo has always hated fighting, but as times are getting more and more desperate, he has heeded the call to fight for the good of others. He is an extremely charismatic old man and has trained many apprentices in the ways of the mystic arts.

Mayan Skull Mask

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 17:09

The mask is the prison of an ancient mayan god, who's name is lost to history as a result of being a forbidden word in both speech and writing.

M'beke and the B'wazzano

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:29

The B'wazzano were once a hidden tribe that lived in relative peace and prosperity. This peace was shattered when they were attacked in the night by the "man" known as Madubwana, in a matter of hours they had been decimated.

M'beke, the best warrior of theB'wazzano had grown tired of peace, he longed for bloodshed and war and in this he was approached by Madubwana who offered him more power than he could ever imagine and a means to use that power to his hearts content. M'beke betrayed his people, whom were slaughtered and revived by Madubwana's disciple Master Ana'gazi into an army of the dead.

Merry Marksman

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:24

Born in Scottland she was abandoned behind a pub. she was found by a terrorist cell and trained to shoot guns from before she could walk. She was sent to Mainport to kill Professor Badass. She was defeated by P.A. Dapper before even getting to Professor Badass. After getting a lesson in forgiveness and a test in patience, Merry Marksman has decided to start a new life in Mainport as a hero swearing never to take another life.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:47

Minnie was a thief in the worst part of Mainport living day to day of of the misfortune of others. She was going about her bussiness when she saw another girl walking down the middle of the slums. The girl was attacked by a local street gang. She dispatched all of the attackers effeiciently and brutally. Minnie followed her from the shadows for about a mile before the girl turned around and stared at her. "It took me ten minutes before I could figure out you were following me." Minnie had never been spotted before. She asked the girl her name and if she could be her friend. The girl was Asuka Doe and Minnie Mouse became the first recruit and first student of The Mainport Children's Army. Now the right hand of Ms. Doe she is her eyes and ears in Mainport. Loyal and Vicious are the best words to describe Mini-Gun. As time passes her name makes men twice her age and 3 times her size pause.

Miss Fan-Plastic

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:13

Sally Combs was a beautician and plastic surgeon who worked on some of the most glamorous supermodels in the world, but she herself was considered far too plain to fulfil her dream of being one herself. She began performing a variety of dangerous plastic surgery procedures on herself to turn herself into the ludicrously busty woman she is today… however her new physique was so outlandish that no modelling agency would hire her. Driven mad by this rejection and claiming everyone was simply jealous of her new "perfect" form, she became Miss Fan-Plastic and spent the rest of her days kidnapping random "poor, ugly creatures" and making them just like her.

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Obsidian Biker

by tkingtking 10 Aug 2012 20:18

Created the same as experiment two, the obsidian biker was based on the brain of the recently deceased second black biker, with all his previous knowledge and none of the personality. his main objective is to commit crimes to draw out heros so he can get info and DNA for future projects.

Old Gibson

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:53

Description: an old guitar held by a string of depressed musicians who killed themselves. eventually, the item took on a life of its own and began absorbing the souls of its holders.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 14:45

Astra was a trust fund baby, she was born into the obscenely wealthy DeChamp family. Her entire life she had been given everything she asked for, she soon became very bored with her life.
Falling in with a bad crowd she forayed into the worst parts of town. Anything to get a little excitement, she participated in theft and robbery. She also began experimenting with various drugs, until one day a large crystalline mass erupted from her chest. The event so shocked Astra at first that she withdrew to her family's winter cottage in the mountains. It was there that she began to realize what had happened to her, she trained her new found powers until she had total control over them.
Returning to the city she adopted the alias Onyx, due to the deep black color of her crystals, alternating wildly between hero and menace.

Order of St. Benedict

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:50

After Benedict died the few who had been given his blessing, they built the order , who became hunters of any thing the vatican, declared evil from magic users that healed the sick with "black magic", to harmless fey now that Mainport is home to so many heathens the vatican has sent the order to clean up.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:12

Tommy Gutierrez is one of MultiMed's top cyber-security technicians. Ever since the activation of Agent Alpha, he's been running offsite mission support for him under the codename Overwatch. He does whatever is necessary to ensure Alpha's missions are successful, from providing mission-critical intel to hacking security systems to on-the-fly software upgrades for Alpha's implants. When he's off the clock, he spends his spare time pwning noobs on various online FPSs and MMOs.

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P.A. Dapper

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:43

Orphaned by Tricky Dicky at a young age, he dedicated his life to vengeance. Found and taught the ways of baddassery from the Prof himself he became P.A. Dapper, teacher during the day, crime fighter at night. Weilding his high tech classy armour made of the finest materials he fights alongside the Prof to protect Mainport and hopefully take down Tricky Dicky once and for all.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:21

Paradox formed in the wake of Prof. Badass and The Disciples messing with the timestream. It's only goal is to eliminate these travelers and undo any of their actions to restore the timeline to normal.

Pastel Parliament

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 18 Aug 2012 02:56

An up and coming criminal organization known for the pastel colors used by it's members.

PC Cedric

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:36

To most of the Mainport police force, he is just another cop, one of them, but behind the scenes, he uses his powers to go where others can not and hear what does not want to be heard. Many mysteries have been solved out of the blue or with suspicious ease by this man.

Pepito el Chivo

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 17:44

Pepe was just another small time thug, mugging everyday people to get some petty cash. A life full of nothing but bad decisions and costly mistakes. One night he decided to rob a young woman who was traipsing through the slums of Mainport, this would prove to be the worst decision of his pathetic life. The young woman turned out to be none other than Soul Sister, she cursed Pepe and left him to suffer in an alley.
Thinking the worst was over Pepe ran off, only to discover later during a fight, another of his stupid mistakes, that he even though he died he couldn't die. Soul Sister's curse had bonded his soul to his slowly decomposing body.
Now Pepe roams Mainport coming apart little by little, still making stupid mistakes while trying to find someone to cure him from his curse, and the whole being dead thing.

PETA Peter

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:26

Years of military training and a stint in the MK Ultra transformed young Peter into a living weapon. He was cold and precise. The military deemed him a threat and had him set for execution. Peter escaped custody and lived in the wild for many years. He lived at peace with nature living with a family of stray cats and a bear. Until a group of hunters came and slaughtered them. His already at risk mind broke and he turned into a truly militant animal rights activist. He slaughters anyone that even remotely poses a threat to an animal.


by tkingtking 09 Aug 2012 03:21

One of the last of his kind, even he dose not remember getting his powers. he came to watch the war and to throw a little spice in he brought along lots of evil spirits, he cloaks himself as just a regular man but if any ever bothered him then…..

Piri Piri and The Misses

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 15 Aug 2012 14:59

No one knows were these two come from but they both have a keen interest in the happings of Mainport city. Piri piri is a tempter of souls and is known cause chaos where ever he may be. The Misses keeps her husband in check and may throw the occasional good luck towards a would be hero. Despite their constant bickering, they are still madly in love with each other.

Piri Piri's Demon Armor

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:48

Piri Piri, the mischief maker, was bored one day. He had been sowing the seeds of chaos around africa, but he was running out of ideas. He was sitting in tree, in what would be know as nigeria, when he spied a strange man. He skin was as white as milk, and his hair the color of sand, the man traveled with the a horse darker than the night. He carried with him metal objects that shined in the sun.

Prince Poppycock

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:42

A deluded, narcissistic, self important, yet frighteningly charming character making the rounds through mainport's wealthy and elite. Prince Poppycock will charm anyone into his way of thinking and convince them to sign over all they're worth. He would rather deal with those easily swayed than the various supers of mainport, but he does have his run-ins with them. Usually able to charm even the likes of Professor Badass and Techno Viking, but his power holds no sway over Ignorrior, who has put him behind bars many times. But he always charms the police into letting him go.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:29

A poor boy, prism grew up digging in landfills for goods he could sell in town to support his family. After falling into a puddle of wronglydisposed of chemical waste he gained the powers to turn himself and anything close to his body imperceptible to the naked eye. He soon found a lucrative career as an assassin. Without any military training or access to expensive weapons, he's not the best assassin, but his powers give him enough of an edge to be formidable.

Professor Badass

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 03:48

Later, after calming down from the shock, a black man among the hostages would say, “Shit man, you a badass”
and the Professor, hating himself for saying it, but unable to resist, corrects the man: “that's Professor Badass”
- From Enter: Professor Badass

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by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:42

Mainport's most famous popstar and beloved criminal, Psy-le is adored by the public and loathed by the police because he considers the city his stage, and cares not about zoning laws, or the permission of the city or property owners, when making his videos.

Punch & Judy

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:04

Judith Porter was a puppeteer who would put on shows for the children of Mainport. She was fishing through an old pawn-shop's wares when she stumbled on an old puppet that caught her eye. Before knowing why she liked it so much, she bought the thing. Over the following nights, she was plagued by nightmares of some other, unearthly world. It was like Escher and H.R. Giger got together to design a grotesque parody of the venues at which she performed, and in each dream, she was performing, new puppet in hand, for a gaggle of demonic children. At the end of the seventh night, she awoke unable to move her body. Now, the puppet controls her every movement, and when it makes her perform for children, the special ones might have similar dreams. Prof. Badass hopes to find a way to break Punch's control, since Judith, while unable to physically act, has been psychically venturing throughout that same hell she saw in her dreams. She has amassed a great deal of occult power that she cannot yet use, and wants payback against Punch, and to save the children he's infected.

The Prime

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:10

The Prime has no real super-power. All he has is an undying desire to ruin the country of Canada from the inside and preferably make as much money as possible while doing so, with no regards for anyone else but himself.

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Q. Bee

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:57

Beatrix Honeydew is the daughter of a bee keeper crippled by Mr. Mahi's Sade squad for missing payments on a loan.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:18

An ancient evil that has been drawn to the area and perpetrates kidnappings. Rumor has it he eats the children.

The Queen of Pain

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:33

The leader of the Wasthounds, a violent and brutal band of highway bandits, the Queen of Pain is one of the most feared people in Australia. Nobody knows who she was before taking control of the gang, but most believe she was one of many people displaced from the Mainport slum now known as Hydrogen Heights, so called due to an explosion at a local fusion plant severely damaged a large swath of cityscape. She and her crew now prowl the disused roads just outside Mainport, preying on any vehicle foolish enough to try and stray off the corporate-secured (and tolled) super-highways running in and out of the city. A sizable bounty has supposedly been placed on her head, but so far no one has been brave enough to try and claim it.

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Mr. Rider

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:06

Once the top get away driver in Mainport, Mr. Rider grew bored of just waiting out side while the actual robbing was occurring. So he decided to cut himself loose and become an independent contractor. Clad all in black and using his special abilities, which he kept hidden from his past associates, Mr. rider has become one of the top thieves in Mainport. Everything from smash and grabs to more upscale jobs, Mr. Rider has gained a reputation for getting things done.

Rabbi Rage

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:54

The Jewish grotto of Mainport sees a lot of gang activity. It's prime real estate is ideal for Boss Negro's drug dealers, it's regularly patrolled by the Sade Squad, Tricky Dicky's hideout is two blocks away. The rabbis of the synagogue sent to the Holy Land for help, and the army they were expecting turned out to be one man. Rabbi Rage. He cares little for the underworld politics of Mainport, focusing instead on keeping his territory safe from those who'd get his people in the crossfire.

Reb Mordcha

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:43

Born on the border of Russia, Mordcha was cursed by a Bear Spirit to have magical hair and carry out his bidding. Although reluctant to be his lackey at first, he eventually saw that the missions the Bear would send him on were generally for the good of the people. Still, they sometimes force him to come into conflict with bleeding heart heroes.

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Mr. Statistic

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 10 Sep 2012 00:28

Arnold P. Jameson was just an average joe nobody, until a run-in with some hoods left him near death, and dumped at an old waste chemical plant. Imbued by the chemicals with the power to heal from any injury, even really fatal ones, He now prowls the night as Mr. Statistic. Demonstrating to all the ability to become just another statistic.

Professor Badass's Spell Gun

by unca_lagunaunca_laguna 11 Aug 2012 07:06

A weapon/tool invented by Professor Badass which is capable of reproducing many of the spells that he can cast, without the normal requisite intonations and movements.

Secret Stache

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:59

Not much is known about him. He had his entire history erased the day he became a secret agent from the government. All that is known is, that he is 1. a mutant with the ability to control his super strong hair and use it as a weapon, and 2. is a snappy dresser.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:08

In order to flee persecution from Mainport's gang of Jewish Exterminators, Seek's family attained refuge in the attic of the cities most prominent libraries. She and her family hid there for years and while there she became well versed in art of deception and stealth by reading books upon books. She also read many text books making her a walking encyclopedia.

Señor Fisto

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:11

The Masked Man who rides for the freedom and protection of mankind. Many tales have been spun about his deeds, and even more about his identity. Taking the code of the luchador to heart he fights against all evil, wherever it may be, vowing to never remove his mask.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:00

A former strategic forecaster for the american state department, he now uses his geopolitical insight to foresee when and where important events will happen and ensures that he is present with eyes on.

Sir Knight Rider

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:51

After doing battle with a powerful, evil wizard Sir Rider was flung into the future before he could deliver the final blow. Now with a comical sense of justice, his knightly skills and his new metallic horse with wheels he acquired after delivering justice to an evil bikie gang he patrols the streets for the evil time travelling wizard so he may bring order back to the world while rescuing modern day damsels in distress.

Sister Soul

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:18

While wandering around in the woods behind her home she finds an old cottage full of books. Out of curiosity she opens a book and sets free a demon. The demon not being an evil asshole gives her magical powers and lives in her shadow kind of like Okage: Shadow King or Midna from Twilight Princess. The catch is her powers only work when wearing black.

Sky Mother

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:26

After discovering that she will never have children, The young martial artist Tian Lee ran away from her village. While running away, a giant spiritual bird appeared before her, Rapti'Kul, imbuing her with powers over birds and immense agility The bird told her that there will be a great war that threatens the very existence of life, and she must travel to Mainport to stop this.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:52

Keep both eyes open. Post a whole regiment of guards. Buy the best security systems that money can provide. You still won't see him coming until his knife is buried up to its hilt in your neck.

Spike & Shiv

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:41

Partners in love and crime, Spike and Shiv are a pair of British-born street-level freelancers, making a living doing jobs for the kind of people that can't afford to get their hands dirty (i.e. rich people who need illegal work done, but aren't necessarily pro criminals). This kind of work usually amounts to disposing of evidence (including bodies), low-level extortion and theft, and even a little kidnapping or wetwork from time to time. Because they put their own survival above all else, they're usually willing to sell their employers out for a price if any kind of authority figure comes calling with questions about their latest job, but since they're also pretty good in a fight, this habit has yet to bite them in the backside too severely.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:02

In the efforts by the American and Chinese governments to manufacture a super-powered arms-race, he was one of the few successful test subjects. But for reasons unknown, he went rogue. In the absence of Citizen Riot, he now lead the group which became more and more focused with dismantling the secret Chinese "super hero" project. After successfully doing so, he went in search of Citizen Riot. In secret, he is a Chinese agent, who dismantled the "super hero" group to keep it from being controlled by certain politicians. He searches after Citizen Riot to spy on him and eventually bring him in, but he becomes embroiled in his fight in the process.


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:37

Strawman was once an environmentally conscious hippy with a love for surfing, bushland and nature, as well as a good friend of he who would later become Wave. On one ill-fated day, a routine protest went horribly wrong: A bushfire began to engulf the very trees he was tied to, and his "friends" were forced to leave him for dead.
Astonishingly, he managed to survive, but became forever melded with the tree and the forces of fire. Naturally, Strawman wanted to get back at his former friends, and commenced a crusade against all of nature.

The Sade Squad

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 04:56

There's a certain secret society in New England that practically worships the Marquis de Sade. Members are of the elite of New English society and membership is passed down from generation to generation. Cutter, Skinner, Tanner, and Dwayne all knew each other growing up and were kind of unstable. In college, Skinner figured that the best way to torture his own parents would be to forsake the future his parents gave him. He convinced his friends to join him in the military where they committed numerous war crimes without anyone becoming the wiser. When a commander came across one of their "activities" they were discharged (honorably due to connections) but chose to continue their activities. Now they work as a "torture-for-hire" mercenary group that acts as a deterrent in gang-wars. If the Sade Squad is on your ass, you best fake your own death.

The Second One

by tkingtking 10 Aug 2012 19:49

Sonny was the best scrapper in his town and any group he was in always won fights, no one was surprised when he joined the military but what surprised them is that he became a Tuskeegee Airmen. his last mission something went wrong and a nazi spell-casters spell went wrong and accounts form the air man that survived the all that was left were dead bodies and a hole in the ground, unknown was that one nazi, a private lan that got up and left the battlefield. sonny and his plane and the few nazis that where inside vehicles where transported to the present and sonny took off searching for the others he sensed.

The Shark Family

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:40

Bright faced inventor Bobby Matterson had a good life, and was the most popular genius in Sydney. Kitchen cleaning housewife Patty Matterson was content with her morning show fame as a recipe queen. Popular teenage pupil Debbie Patterson was the best cheerleader in her school, all the boys would drool. All the attention was focused on the Matterson Family in Sydney's local communities. That all changed when Slade "Wave" Jackson stole the spotlight. No one wanted to hear about the GENIUS creations that Bobby slaved away to invent. Patty's recipes were yesterday's news after Slade's vegetarian surfer mentality infected the soccer mums and cooking clubs. Debbie was a no body after all the girls wanted to kiss Slade and all the boys wanted to be like him.

The Shepherd

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:37

Born on a mundane farm in New Zealand, William Woolworth was born and bred as a shepherd. One day an aged Māori gave Will a gift that would change his life, a stick imbued with mystical powers. From that day forward, all animals obey The Sheperd's will.

The Sherpas

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 04:57

For centuries, a hidden monastery guarding some powerful artifact in the Himalayas has been protected by local villagers who shared the monks' secret knowledge. Recently though, everyone in the monastery vanished suddenly with the words Mainport written in blood above an altar. The villagers drew straws and these two were chosen to unravel the mystery in the far off city of Mainport.

The Stig

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:12

Some say he fights for Roger Daltrey's honor, that his scrotum generates a small gravity field, that he drinks a lot of petrol, he was born in space, that he never blinks, and that he roams around the woods at night foraging for wolves, and he sleeps upside down like a bat, All we know is, he's called the Stig!

The Strider

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:25

Not seen very often, but talked about in hushed tones, the Tall Walker is from Madubwana's private army. These henchmen are mindless and consist of people who've personally crossed him in the past, now twisted into these…things.

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by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 12:51

A talented artist, Tag thinks of himself as having transcended the notion of artistic medium, and instead creates art in whatever form pleases him.

Techno Viking

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 04:15

"Why hath thou interrupted my merry-making?! Were thou unaware that we were indulging in one of the sickest bass drops to ever grace the ears of Midgard?! Thou hast two options: offer thine apologies and take thy leave or suffer a pummeling from these Nordic fists"
-T. Viking addressing the mysterious Horned Man from Bye, Bye Birdie part 1

[[div style="float:left; width: 65%; padding: 0 2%"]]
The Viking appeared one day on the streets of Mainport during a tumultuous time. Wherever he treads villains know to flee. Forging a partnership with Professor Badass, he too seeks to rid Mainport of the evil that has taken root there.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:02

Created by an unknown team of scientists from a parallel universe, the TechnoLeviathan was created with only one purpose: assimilate as many forms of technology as possible. The Technoleviathan will obliterate anything that stands between it and a new piece of technology. The TechnoLeviathan has already claimed all forms of technology from its own universe, and it has come to Midport to begin its slow climb upwards towards godhood.

Teen Idle

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:27

She was heiress to her father's company, until she decided she could do a better job and killed her father, covered up the murder as a suicide, and took over. Her already fragile sanity began to crack after she took hold on the company, and soon after she began offing her competition; using the profits from the company to cover up the murders. But soon afterwards her desire to kill grew to an immense obsession, and now she lures in the innocent to brutally shoot them to pieces.
Teen Idle was head girl in her final year at the School. Instead of someone who lost her sanity gradually, she was always crazy, but was just waiting for the right moment to strike.

The Sage of the Streets

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 06:26

An old homeless man that has lived in Mainport for decades. His knowledge of the inner workings of every facet of Mainport borders on the super natural. Though he aides the heroes who have decided to defend the city he is always vaguely cryptic with the information he gives.

The Third One

by tkingtking 10 Aug 2012 20:04

A corrupt food critic, he bought his car form a overly happy car salesman Phil Lan and as soon as he started the car he got so hungry, unluckily for him the store we went to had no good food because he had made it rot on his way back to car he saw a street urchin try to steal his car and got turned to dust while his accomplice was grabbed and turned to dust while pleading that julio call the police.

The Trumpet

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:01

The current wielder of the trumpet, Hermon Gray, is a small time pot head with big ambitions. He came upon the current incarnation of the trumpet at his job in a second hand instrument shop. Unwillingly becoming its new heir after purchasing it at cut rate. He is attempting to make Mainport a better place in his own oafish, inefficient way.

Thelonius Q. Beaumont

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 14 Aug 2012 03:34

An inventor of little notoriety, Thelonius Beaumont was once a ship mechanic employed in the shipyards toiling away day after day repairing damaged ships. He would have gone by unremembered if not for his penchant for inventing strange doodads.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 08 Aug 2012 13:49

"Tojo" never knew his parents, or even had a real name. His adopted father named he and his brothers after the nicknames of his old country's enemies (Jerry and Charlie).

Tooth and Claw

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:08

Claw stood up, he smelled something. Through their link, Tooth smelled it too. Tooth's territory may not have been large compared to most, but whatever belonged to him, belonged to him.
- Shark and Sparrow, Chapter 2

Travel Tot

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:35

Travel Tot has had teleporting abilities since birth. His upper middle class parents have found him to be quite the handful considering anything he touches with words that denote a location could have him vanish before their eyes. He is already under surveillance by the UN after he had gotten hold of a children's atlas. Since he is young, his powers can be abused by others. In the future he may master his powers, but as of now he is content with the only words he knows how to write, Cookie jar.

Tricky Dicky

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:23

The antithesis of Professor Badass. Hell, Badass and he both love Jazz but he's all about the freeform while PBA is for the smooth. He traveled back in time wreck havoc on Mainport and hopefully create more chaos growing ever the more powerful, and eventually destroy everything he can for the fun of it and to impress some chick he hasn't even met yet. Driven Insane from prolonged exposure to that crazy ass energy known as Chaos magic, Tricky Dicky is on a rampage and let no man/animal/manimal forget it.

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The Urchin

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:38

Born on the streets of Mainport, The Urchin quickly learned to lie, cheat and steal her way for survival. She eventually becomes the leader of a small band of children, working together for food and protection. Although she commits crimes, she never hurts those who do not try to hurt him or his children.

Ultimate Champion

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 15 Aug 2012 05:54

Known as Kyūkyoku no chanpion in her native Japan, she had been an up and coming female wrestler. But one day, as is common in japan, she was imbued with amazing powers by mysterious forces. Being that she was now super powered, she was barred from wrestling. Having nothing else to do she decided to master her powers through training.
After her intensive training she was able to increase said powers. Being a very competitive person, she set out to prove that she was the strongest being on the planet. Confronting some of the most powerful heroes and villains around the world. Now she has set her sights on Mainport and it's myriad of heroes, targeting Little Miss Bruiser and Mace. She has also singled out the Techno Viking, albeit for another reason. Though not truly evil, her single minded drive to be no.1 has set her against most of mainports heroes.


by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 11 Jan 2013 15:56

The only record that exists of this relentless mercenary, are in the possession of the asylum he was sentenced to under martial law. He allegedly jammed the energy conversion system within a nuclear submarine, abandoned all personnel within it, survived his escape and ascent to the surface, and drifted and hitch-hiked to get as close to Annapolis as possible.

UnFun Police

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 10 Aug 2012 02:09

After the 6th Precinct of the Mainport Police Department was shut down and disbanded for rampant corruption, the few good cops went home to their families in shame. But police Sargent Harvey O'Akland had other plans. He rounded up every law abiding police officer, every meter maid, every man woman and child with a badge and gave them a water gun.
Now they all patrol the city in salvaged squad cars looking for crime to stop, and sad people to squirt. They can't protect the city the way they used to but they can protect the hearts of its citizens.

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Veggie Juan

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:46

Juan was a simple gardener in Mainport. He was a young immigrant from mexico and he found honest work tending to the gardens of the rich. That is until he started working for professor badass. A contaminated salad he had prepared from some vegetables given to him for a hard days work transformed him into a half plant, half man monster. He hates his appearance. Professor badass took pity on him and now he works as a live in housekeeper/security. (Professor Badass installed high intensity lights on the premise to aid the security part… and heavy lifting)


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:53

Madeleine Bonneau is a bit of a jock. She never really fit in her prim and proper private boarding school in Paris. When all her friends were captivated by make-up and Birkin bags, she had something else on her mind: to go really, really fast on her bicycle, and one day wear the yellow jersey for France. But one day on a training run, calamity struck! While racing through the country side, a lightning bolt slammed into the poor girl, leaving her in a coma. After long, painful months of recovery, she finally returned to the road - and found that her trusty, if rusty, wheels now carried her faster than her wildest dreams! With this gift, Madeleine's strong sense of justice brings her to crime fighting. But this Gallic girl's still competitive as ever and never backs down from a challenge.

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The Word

by El Diablo AzulEl Diablo Azul 17 Aug 2012 23:42

Lucy Zaph was a reporter, she loved to be in the thick of things getting a story. One day acting on a tip she snuck into a secret lab operating out of an office building, the lab was owned and operated by one of MahiCorp's dummy corporations. While investigating through their files, she was found by security. During her escape she was crashed into shelf containing a series of vials, which broke and spilled their contents onto her. She managed to escape and make her way home.
After showering she decided to lie down and rest, waking up hours later to find her skin had changed into a flexible white sheath, she panicked. Placing her hand on a news paper she was amazed when the text was absorbed into her and and appeared on her new skin, instantly knowing every bit of information that was contained within the newspaper, without having read it. She also finds that her new 'skin' is resistant to heat and cold, so she forgoes the need for clothing, instead opting to run around as is in order to know what words are on her.
She realized that whatever words appear on her body dictate the powers she possessed when the words super, speed, and flight, appeared and she found that she could move at amazing speed and soar through the air. But she found that she could not change her appearance back to normal. Deciding to use her powers for good she hit Mainport's streets, as the hero known as the word, though she does


by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 05:27

After one too many drinks, Sydney surfer Slade Jackson decided to compete in the Hawaii Surf Contests. During what was reported to be the biggest swell and stormy conditions for that years competition many surfers backed out, but with his bold nature and cocky attitude Slade went ahead and competed.

White Mask

by tkingtking 08 Aug 2012 04:55

No one knows his ethnicity, but he's definitely from the Middle East/Mediterranean. All anyone knows is that his face is gone and when he shows up, he's probably already implemented a plan to prevent you from killing him. Even though he has bounties on his head in the millions, most people find him more useful alive, hiring him to sabotage or steal from other cartels or terrorist cells.

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