Abel Kaynan

Abel Kaynan was just your average family man, but his brother always coveted his wife and happy life, and eventually, the brother murdered the lot of them in a fit of drunken rage.

Abel was immediately reincarnated as a raven, but after the childhood of his new life, his weak animal brain felt itself drawn to a certain location; the barn where his body lay rotting, unfound.

The despair of this sight sent shock-waves through the soul within the animal, awakening psychic powers, and allowing the raven to link with his old body.

Only by reading the dead mind of the corpse can the raven recall the specifics of his old life. he's stopped the decay, but the damage is already extensive, so his memory is spotty.

Now, he's elicited the help of some of his bird brothers to carry the body here and there, searching for his murderer; always terrified of losing touch with his old body and forgetting everything that his tiny new brain can't comprehend.

Powers: Possessing corpses (well, one in particular)

Kind of Like: If DC's deadman had more than just sentimental value for his corpse.

Abel Kaynan
Psychic Phenomena
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