Always so friggin tired… Adam steinhart had always been so tired… ma took him to the doctor once when he was little, and the guy said it might have been some kinda blood disorder, but they didn't have no money for no tests.

it wouldn't have been so bad if people just left him alone, it wasn't like he had much of an appitite, or needed a comfortable place to sleep.
homelessness just kinda seemed like the natural thing for him to do, and he wasn't unhappy; but one day everything changed (but not a lot)

that priest knew him, always turned his nose up at him. somebody else put the cup in front of him, he never asked for money; he'd dumpster dive if the need arose, but one day the asshole starts hollerin about work ethic this, and sin of sloth that, and told me god would curse me for my eternal inaction.

now I never really though much about religion (to hard), but maybe the big guy was listening, cuz right when that preist grabbed my collar, we both got hit by a bolt of lightning.
the preist was fried, but somehow, I was okay. and moreso, I found that nobody could move me if they didn't want to!

s'pretty nice.

Powers: Durability inversely proportionate to motion.

Kind of Like: The juggernaut in reverse.

Mystical Hobo
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