Agent Alpha

Little is known about this man's past, even his real name is a mystery. The most popular theory is that he was a former CIA operative who was burned after a mission in China failed disastrously, at which point he hired on with MultiMed, a medical tech corporation based in Mainport, as a security consultant. After a raid on a MultiMed research facility by one of Mainport's numerous criminal organizations left him badly injured, his employers repaired his body with numerous cybernetic implants. Now codenamed Agent Alpha, he has been MultiMed's go-to troubleshooter (in every sense of the word) ever since. His interest in Mainport's various heroes and villains begins and ends with how their activities affect MultiMed's bottom line, but since the company is a high-profile target, and due to the less-than-legal nature of some of their secret projects, he has tangled with both sides of the law on several occasions. Though some encounters might end badly for him, with his opponents certain he has been killed, he always manages to reappear, each time with new implants and even deadlier skills.

Powers: Cyber-enhanced strength, speed, stamina, tech-assisted marksmanship, martial arts expertise.

Kind of Like: A less-clunky RoboCop, or a less moral Adam Jensen.

Agent Alpha
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