Agent Ghost

Norma Jean is the youngest of 13 children. Her parents couldn't afford to keep her selling to the Mr. Mahi for 26 dollars. She was tested on for a metahuman jean. Trained to be an assasin her martial arts teacher Sensei Kadhar had other plans for her. Giving the child skills that would be more suited for a spy than a killer she also provided the child with numerous books about good vs evil. She grew to become a very opinionated and unruly child eventually escaping. She took refuge in the Children's Army who have put her to good use spying on all parties in the city. She might be able to kill a man 9 times before he hits the ground be she's more inclined to pet a puppy.

Powers: Trained in the art of stealth

Kind of Like: a kid friendly Black Widow except a little girl .

Norma Jean aka "Agent Ghost"
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