Agent S.

Originally one of M15's top agents, Agent S. disappeared while deep undercover in Russia, resurfacing years later as a gun-for-hire. More mystery than man, Agent S. keeps everyone guessing and leaves no clues. The worlds leading criminologists have only been able to agree on one thing about Agent S; he is a really, really snappy dresser.
His ego is his downfall. He is brash, and eventually bites off more than he can chew with Mr. Mahi. Forms unlikely partnership with Citizen Riot when both become the target of the Sade Squad and S finds himself against the ropes for the first time in his career.

Powers: Expert at stealth, subterfuge, sabotage, assassination and wearing cool coats. Able to move silently and undetected even in an overcoat and leather trousers.

Kind of Like: Agent 47 from Hitman, but with hair and an impeccable sense of style.

Agent S.
Hitman, assassin, spy
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