Akira Ishida

Born a native Japanese, he grew up as the child of a poor man and never had too many luxuries in life. As such, he tends to scoff at people who tend to take their own luxuries for granted without considering the less fortunate and tends to have a cynical view of humanity. Despite this, however, he tries to help out others the best he can and is generally heroic.

One day, when he was being beaten by a mob of teenagers after begging them for food Burning heart came to save him. While Heart was beating up the mob he felt an awkward heat within him and accidently threw fire at Heart when reaching out with his arm. This distracted Heart, and caused him to be knocked out by the thugs. The thugs then proceeded to turn their attention torward Ishida, which caused him to lose his cool and cause an inferno of flames around within 345 feet, killing everything around him {besides Heart, who survived and was blamed for the whole mess afterwards}. Shocked, Ishida fled to Mainport where he would be taught how to control his powers by Professor Badass.
Now, 7 years later at the age of 23 Akira has full control of his powers and is trained extensively. He acts as an arch nemesis to Madubwana and wishes to end whatever reign of terror he or anyone else could inflict on Mainport.

Powers: Able to absorb other powers/abilities for a temporary set of time, and makes him potentially more efficient when using them. The power automatically gets absorbed by him when said being is within 18 feet of his vicinity and he can only absorb one power at a time{being the first to get within 18 feet around him}.

Kind of like: Peter Petrelli or Rouge, with a personality kinda like Dante or something.

Akira Ishida
Sarcastic, slobby asshole
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