Allistair T. Caldwell

The famed 19th century shipping magnate who's acquisition of a patch of coast would lead to the founding of Mainport City, and whose subsequent disappearance would set the tone for mainport's reputation as den of murderers and theives.

Allistair T. Caldwell had made his fortune the old fashioned way, through grit and hard work. In his youth he worked a series of railroad, and sailing jobs steadily, until a stroke of luck allowed him to start his own steel company. As his company grew Caldwell branched out into other businesses, including an oil company, lumber mills, and what he would become best known for, the Caldwell Shipping Company.

Long before Mainport was the sprawling metropolis it is today, it was a barren stretch of coastline shunned by natives. This was the location chosen by Caldwell, due to it's relative distance to a few major shipping lanes, for a new port and shipyard. Caldwell, was looking to not only expand his business but also to create something to cement his legacy.

While traveling around the country looking for the future sight of Caldwell Shipping's new port of call, he stumbled upon what would come to be known as Mainport. Being a very wealthy man he was able to buy the land, which no one else who lived near would set foot on, and began construction of the shipyard and bunk houses importing men by the hundreds to work and live there. Over time, as the workers brought their families with them a small town took root. Caldwell had a home built for himself and his family on a hill not far the newly growing town, and as more businesses sprang up the area became the place to live for the wealthy and affluent.

As the town, not yet known as Mainport, and with a population of less then 400, steadily grew, Caldwell became more reclusive. Already in his fifties when he founded the port, his time living on the hill had made him seem as if he'd aged a hundred years. But it was after his wife passed away that he began to change. Caldwell would build a small family graveyard by his home to keep her close by.
He would be seen at times arguing with himself and flailing widely at the air as if he were fighting off an attacker only he could see, prompting rumors of madness.

When his son, Jeremiah Caldwell, whom had come to check on his father after his mother's passing, returned to England to his own wife and child; Allistair dismissed all of his servants and locked himself within his mansion. In the early hours of the night Caldwell manor was engulfed in flames, the small fire department managed to subdue the flames before the house was fully consumed, but as they searched within it was discovered that Caldwell was nowhere to be found. He had seemingly disappeared, as no remains were found within the burned areas of the manor, and the front door was found to be wide open. The mystery of Caldwell's disappearance was attributed to foul play, a general consensus was reached that someone had started the fire to lure the old man out and possibly rob him.

Jeremiah Caldwell, Allistair's only heir, inherited his companies and ownership of the main port. He would go on to fund the further development the small town, and the affluent area in the hills which he christened Caldwell Heights.

The Caldwell family would be involved in Mainport's development for decades to come.

In recent years Caldwell industries would become a subsidiary of MahiCorp.

Allistair T. Caldwell
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