Very Little is known about andraja, and she likes it that way. Growing up in the hay-day of the anonymous subculture, Andraja never learned an appreciation for identity. She needed no better reason for this than what she felt was the necessity of hiding her latent telepathy; every time she had provided an insight to someone that tipped her hand, she felt their fear as sharply as a knife.

Carrying in her a desire for good, Andraja holds different small-time, non-violent jobs with the various criminal orgainizations of Mainport (whether they are known to be criminal or not).
She uses her brief exposures to medium to high level personnel to inform on their activities to whatever heroes she can track down.

Powers: publicly: none, but is psychic. uses her power to gain information, then gives vague tips to other heroes

Kind of Like: if black widow made you question your sexuality

Hero Support
Femme Fatal (except nobody is sure about the "femme" part)
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