Asuka Doe

Asuka Doe was a child born into a poor family in Mainport, but she was a child with exceptional skills. During her childhood she displayed the ability to mimic the athletic abilities and skills of people just by watching them.
At some point she was approached by an unknown individual who gave her falsified documents and enrolled her into Manport's All Girl's Cadet School. After a few years she was one of the top students, using her ability to mimic the physical skills of the schools past top students including the Deva. When school officials, suspicious of her, began looking through her documents, she was found out and forced to flee.
Returning to the slums of mainport, she rallied all the orphans and abandoned children training them and outfitting with weapons acquired from the man known as White mask. Soon calling themselves The Children's Army of Mainport they became her mercenary force. She has since vanished leaving the leadership of the Children's Army in the hands of Teen Idle.

Some in the children's army believe that Teen Idle killed and ate her. But she has been sighted recently, along with her loyal follower Minnie Gun, in the employ of Mr. Mahi, why she has allied with him remains unknown.

Powers: Photographic reflexes, military skills gained from mimicking others, skilled with various types of fire arms and other weapons, various styles of hand to hand skills copied from various kung fu films

Kind of like: Taskmaster

Asuka Doe
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