Baby Doll

In the outskirts of Mainport lies a crumbling Victorian manor, that stands condemned. Ever since it was built, it had been followed with a bad reputation, but it wasn't until the 1950's that it turned sinister. At the time, a young family made the house their home, until they were found massacred, all dismembered with a kinfe, save for the youngest daughter, who's body was never found.

The father had made his youngest a doll house, a replica of the manor, and purchaced her dolls to represent each of the family members. When their bodies were found, they were piled in the daughter's room, cut to pieces, just like the dolls representing thim, that laid beside them, at the foot of the cabinet holding the doll house. Neither the yougnest nor her doll were ever found

Some say it was a madman who killed them, other say it was the young girl. However, ever since, strange lights and noises come out from the house at night. A few have been brave enough to explore, and several bodies of those explorers have been recovered, each dismembered, and each with a matching doll by the bodies.

The few survivors all say they saw a figure in the house, masked and dessicated, wearing a tattered dress and clutching a marred doll. Who or what it is is still unknown.

Powers: Ambiguous, believed to be a ghost, or in some accounts an escaped mental patient unable to feel pain

Kind of Like: Jason VorHees with a love of toys


The Dare by Tking

Baby Doll
Serial Killer/Urban Legend
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