Raised among a family of circus-performers, Backdraft's family died in tragic chemical fire, along with the audience in a performance-gone-wrong, he survived only by finding shelter beneath the carcasses of the dead and dying. Though he managed to go untouched by the flames, the nature of the chemicals involved with the fire soaked into his skin and when he finally emerged, he did so with new powers!

However, the fire was no accident; it was a message. The ringleader was, in secret, a drug mule, who used the circus as a cover for his distribution - that is until he got greedy and went rogue, earning the ire of Mr. Mahi who decided to make an example out of him by burning him and his entire operation to the ground.

Today, Backdraft walks the streets of Mainport still trying to make sense of the senseless violence caused against his family, hot-headed and incendiary as the flames that changed his life forever..

Powers: Impervious to heat, Pyrokinetics (ability to control but not create fire at will), stupendous dexterity/ agility

Kind of Like: Pyro/ Dick Grayson merged into one

Good (but angry)
Elemental/ Acrobatic
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