Battle Bard

Out of the night during a full moon, a young man had what seemed like a normal acoustic guitar thrust into his arm by a wizened old suffi mystic on the streets of Tripoli telling him that the fates have chosen him to wield an ancient weapon to save his country. This began an intense spiritual journey of training and rockin' out but before his training was complete his master was killed by a pro-Gaddafi artillery strike. Burning for revenge, the Battle Bard joins the Free Libyan Army to take revenge on the dictator Colonel Gaddafi who infact has dark powers of his own and who is protected by his elite Amazon bodyguard unit. Can this portly, out of shape musician defeat one of the longest ruling dictators in history?

Powers: His magical guitar gives a mystical bonus to the arcane and poorly understood statistics of allies in attack and defence

Kind of Like: The classic fantasy tapletop bard but with an AK-47

Battle Bard
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