A college dropout by the name of Benedict Blevins, Ben as he likes to go by, who lives at home in his parents attic. Spending his time working in a comic book store along with his friends and fellow D&D dorks by day, and wasting the nights away playing D&D or working on his character sheets.
One night after an abnormally long game he and his three friends bore witness to a fight between a superhero and a villain. While standing around gawking at the two combatants, they were struck by a blast of mystic energy and left sprawled on the street.
Waking up hours later Benedict was surprised to find himself alone in an alley, even more so to find that he was completely unhurt.
While making his way home he inadvertently healed a homeless man who had been stabbed during an argument.
Realizing that he gained powers from the blast, he sought out his friends to see if they too had been affected. Deducing that their powers were tied to their character sheets, Benedict's being of a Monk/Cleric, meaning the blast could only have been a misaimed magic spell. Deciding to put their new found powers to use, Benedict and his friends split up and head into the seediest parts of Mainport. Occasionally when teaming up they refer to their group as the Outer Guild.

Type: Healer and Master of the healing arts

Kind of like: Doctor Strange + Kick-Ass

Healer and Master of the healing arts
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