Black Knight

Felix Vinson is D&D nerd who lives at home in his mom's basement and works in a comic book store during the day. Spending his time working his best friends, playing D&D, or writing short stories.
One night after being engaged in a prolonged game, he and his three friends were witnesses to a fight between a superhero and a villain. While staring in awe at the two combatants, they were caught in a blast of mystic energy and sent flying into the street.
Having been launched several feet away with head head pounding and having had the wind knocked out of him, he passed out. Waking a while later and thinking that his friends had left, Felix took off running and headed home. Sore and feeling as if his body were heavier he made his way straight to hi bed and collapsed into a dreamless sleep.
On his way to work the next morning he accidently tore the front door, frame and all, off his mom's house.
Realizing that he gained powers from the blast, he decided to check with his friends to see if they also gained. Coming to the conclusion that their powers were tied to their character sheets, Felix's being of a Knight, they figured that the blast was probably magic spell that missed it's mark. Choosing to use thir powers for good, Felix and his friends split up and make their way into the worst parts of Mainport. Occasionally teaming up as the Outer Guild.

Powers: Super strength,super speed. Enhanced human ability. Nothing outrageous.

Kind of Like: Super Boy + Kick-Ass

Black Knight
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