The Daughter of a once influential revolutionary and a former ballerina, she was the youngest of seven children. The first few years of her life were as uneventful as those of any ordinary child, that is until the day a man in a top hat entered their lives.
She had been playing hide and seek with her sisters, hiding in her father's study, but they had not yet found her when the man arrived. He had come to see her father, he spoke to him of old times and of debts owed. Her father argued that he had paid the price for the past, That their business was over. To which the man spoke of the other, and how he never forgets when he has been slighted. Her father told the man to leave and to never return. The sky grew dark as the man left, but he had made a promise to return because he still had to collect.
Shaken by this her father began making plans to leave the country with his family. But this would never come to pass, as a few day's later the man would return but this time he had not come alone.

Her family was slaughtered by Madubwana as a she hid, she was found by him, but feeling an awkward amount of sympathy for her and he decided to adopt her. She was raised to be just as brutal as her father, and is extremely dedicated to his cause.

Powers: Extremely skilled with the blade, able to deflect bullets with it and cut through steel. Also, naturally, at top physical condition.

Kind of like: Katana who acts as a right hand woman

Katana the Blademaster
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