Boss Negro

He saw it all out that window. The City of Mainport. He wasn't born here, but he made himself here. When the 'heroes' took down Big Man Owen, it left the city open for business. He had what the city wanted, and all he needed to do was set up shop.
- From Mainport Tales: The Last Day of Kareem Jackson

He rose to power as a ganglord in Mainport's city streets but suddenly took a trip to the motherland after a series of dreams. There, he met Madubwana who he brought back with him. Now he can fight and shoot like no other and has achieved an almost godlike status among his crews.
He has a working relationship with Mr. Mahi but otherwise, despises him.

Powers: Super human agility and dexterity

Kind of Like: If Marlo Stanfield was into bigger crime and also could use bullet-time


Shark and Sparrow, Chapter 2 by Anonymous
The Last Day of Kareem Jackson by Anonymous
Conversation Recordings #2 with Madubwana
Conversation Recordings #4 with Mr. Mahi

Boss Negro
Mob Boss
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