Brother Rose

The man who would come to be known as Brother Rose, was once a member of Boss Negro's original crew named Matthias Crane. A boisterous bruiser with a deep booming voice, and an ability to inspire great loyalty in others.

Back when Boss Negro's gang was still a small two-bit operation based out of Newark, Crane was Negro's best friend and top lieutenant. Crane was a driven man in those days, a brawler by virtue of his youth in the Bronx, he used his fist to help his crew rise through the ranks until Boss Negro and himself stood at the top of Newark's underworld. Becoming his
When Boss Negro decided to move their operation to Mainport, Crane followed, refusing to the offer to rule Newark in his stead. He was a soldier, not a general, his fists did the talking for him. Crane relished the idea of making a mark somewhere new, and soon enough he made a name for himself on the streets of mainport.
When Boss Negro left on a pilgrimage to the darkest parts of Africa appointed his right had, Duke, to lead while he was away. Crane, a loyal soldier through and through, swore to have Duke's back. With Negro's departure from mainport, his enemies took the opportunity to crush his empire. Putting out contracts on all the lieutenants of Boss Negro's. Constantly under attack, surviving countless assassination attempts and even a run in with the group of masked maniacs known as the Sade Squad.
For what seemed like years Crane fought tooth and nail, defending Boss Negro's empire.
When the Boss returned, he did so to crew of battle hardened loyalists ready to die for him. Though the rest were relieved to have their leader back, Crane was apprehensive, Boss Negro had returned a changed man. Where once there was fire burning in his eyes, now there was only a cold icy darkness. But worse was the man whom had accompanied Boss Negro on his return, a man who radiated evil. This man made Crane's skin crawl, something that very few could do.
One night as he made his way to a meeting of the crew's remaining lieutenants, he was ambushed by Skinner and Tanner.
Still angry about their earlier humiliation at Crane's hands, when he dislocated Tanner's shoulder and broke Skinner's favorite knife. Caught off-guard Crane fought back with all his might, but the two younger men soon got the upper hand. They dragged Crane into a nearby chemical plant where the eager sadists, deprived of their toys do to an earlier engagement, decided to get creative with vials an flasks at hand. Forcing fluids of all the colors of the rainbow down Crane's throat taking great pains to keep him alive, let alone lucid, as the chemicals burned his insides. Because of another pressing appointment the boys decided to dump Crane in the outskirts of town, but not before hooking him up to a high voltage transformer and letting the juice flow through him. As the current tore through Crane's body it caused a strange reaction, stoking the chemicals within his body.
Left in a ditch to rot away, he underwent a startling change, as his body unconsciously began absorbing the surrounding earth and plant matter. Repairing the damage caused by the high voltage and the corrosive substances, he awoke a week later his body fully healed but his mind was left practically blank. Stumbling into an abandoned house he found a closet full of clothing in particular a pink suit and hat, as his own clothes were in tatters he donned the suit and followed the road leading away from Mainport. Though left without memories of his past life, his propensity for violence and crime led him once more down the path of a gangster. Earning the name Brother Rose, due in part to his clothing but also his ability to inspire great loyalty, he began his own crew gaining infamy and power in the outlaying areas around Mainport.

In the time since, he joined up with a group of other colorfully dressed super powered gangsters, calling Themselves the Pastel Parliament, and now seeks to make a play at Mainport's underworld.

Powers: Ability to take on the properties and form of a matter after physical contact

Kind of Like: The Absorbing man or Amazing man

Brother Rose
Super-powered Gangster
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