For all intents and purposes Jimmy Clambers, or Bubbles as he's known, is a loser. Once a janitor at a research lab in downtown Mainport, Jim was caught in an accident that gave him super powers. Excited to find himself finally "special", he "borrowed" a suit from the labs storeroom and set out to fight evil, without having fully tested his powers.
Inflating his suit by accident, he found that the badguy's punches would bounce off him, unless they hit his face. Also he was susceptible to strong winds ending up somewhere uptown during a fight downtown after the wind picked up.
Feeling dejected he sat at a bus stop and sulked until a newspaper ad caught his eye. Answering the ad, he went on to meet a group of other super-zeroes and teaming up with them. Now as a member of The Fish's Victory Squad he feels like a winner because hey, at least he's not Mr. Cool Ice or Ex-Ray.

Powers: Complete control over any object that can be inflated: balloons of any and all types, bubbles, tires, and jump suits.

Kind of Like: Squirrel-girl

Good Samaritan
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