Burning Heart

Burning heart discovered his powers at an early age, as young boy he could increase heat in small localized areas. He could aim these bolts of heat and toss them at objects, though he would never use them against people. As he grew so to did his powers grow, from generating pockets of intense heat to igniting full blown conflagrations.
In his teen years he became very involved in the revolutionary movement going on in his country. During one protest the government forces opened fire on them, Heart saw no other but to use his powers to protect the people. Creating a wall of flame between the protesters and the army. After a few years of fighting for the rights of his own people, he decided to travel the world and fight on behalf of those who can't fight for themselves.
While in Japan one day, he came upon a group of young thugs beating a younger teen. Rushing to the young mans aid he began fighting the thugs, holding back on using his powers for fear of hurting them. While in the midst of battle he was distracted when the young man he was defending tossed a fireball at him.
Seizing this opportunity on of the thugs struck Heart with an old bottle, he fell unconscious. When Heart came too he discovered to his shock that he was surrounded by the charred corpses of the young thugs. Horrified that he might have lost control and murdered the teens and being blamed by the authorities Heart fled, he ran as far as his legs would take him. Heart would spend years feeling the guilt for this event.
His travels led around the world and finally to five years later to Mainport, having had spent all that time refraining from using his powers as act of atonement.
But in Mainport he would be spurred once more into action, the evil that gripped the city forced his hand. Settling down near Mainport's Chinatown, Burning Heart has become one of the chief protectors of the are. But he still has a habit of coming and going whenever he wants. He attacks randomly, occasionally going after crime bosses and corrupt officials.
As of late Burning Heart has gone missing, prompting rumors of his death. No one is truly certain of his whereabouts, but according to Xin'jo he is alive and well.

Powers: Elemental control

Kind of Like: Firebenders in ATLA

Burning Heart
Freedom Fighter
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