Call of the Riders- the third one

Julio Farrish was the best gourmet in town. Truth be told, he was the only one in town. Working for the biggest newspaper in town, he could make or break any restaurant just with one article. it did help his wallet that sometimes bills would disappear or money would be left in his car to help or hurt one of the places he was writing an article on. Unluckily, someone unhappy with him had keyed his car - his car! - but that wasn’t the worst. They had put a hole in his gas tank. Now he had to get a new one. Well, at least he could get a good one. A Ferrari, that's what's the rich have now, wasn't it? There - a black one. Perfect, though the horse was a little tacky but nothing's perfect.
Well that wasn't hard, but it's kind of tacky to also have a black key. But the car’s salesman, Phil Lan, it was almost scary how big his smile was - and calling him “cousin.” Well, Julio didn't plan to head back there anytime in the near future. As his new car roared, he suddenly felt like he had not eaten in days - no, weeks - no, like he'd never eaten at all. Well, he’d go that bistro. It was a little close to that bar that is said to be one a the few places that Mahi and Negro’s people didn't fight. Well not usually. This morning he heard there had been a big fight there, but ohhh the bistro was a dirty pleasure of his.
Oh, the meat here looked a little yellow, but Joe would only serve him the best.
“Joe, hey Joe, bring me the usual.”
Joe came around the corner and jumped. “Julio, are you ok? You look pale. Have you lost weight?”
Suddenly there was a scream and Joey’s wife yelled. ”Joey, all the bread went from fine to rotted and those tofu packages you got went bad too. The meat’s turned colors too! Your suppliers need to pay us back. Wait, did one of those super people walk in? If they did, call the police.”
“No honey, it's only Julio. He’s getting a sandwich. Hey Julio, why don’t you write ‘bout me in your newspaper? I could use the publicity. Am I not enough to register on your scale of the great restaurants? But bad news can't get you anything because all food just went bad.”
Julio left, still hungry, and turned the corner to see some street urchin in his car. Suddenly the kid screamed and suddenly started changing into what looked like a mummy, then turned to dust. There must have been a second one because a kid ran up and said “Mister, you got to call nine-one-one. We're sorry, just call the police.” Julio grabbed the kid, about to say he'd give the kid to the cops but suddenly the kid took the same fate as his friend. After getting in the car he suddenly realized he hadn't blinked when the kids had disintegrated. Next he felt three spirits - the closest feeling he could describe them as would be brothers. But as he turned his car on for the second time the presence he sensed disappeared - and he wasn't as hungry anymore.

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