Call of the Riders- the first one

Sonya Bonebrake was one of the leading doctors in Mainport. When you went to see her, it was like she instantly knew what was wrong. The thing was that she almost seemed too perfect. Her background was spotless. On the weekends, she went to the free clinic and was one of the only people who would see wounded villains. One day she was finishing up patching up the homeless when a man rode up to her in a truck and said, ”Phil Villen, call me crazy, but someone signed you up for a contest. There are four winners and you're the third I've found. We're giving away four vehicles. You win this, straight from the factories in America: a white Mustang cruiser. The last vehicle you'll ever need.” Not to be rude, she decided to ride it home and sell it tomorrow. As she got on it, she suddenly felt like she got hit by every disease that she had ever treated and sneezed on a passing bystander - one of the homeless from the sewers. And the homeless person went into the sewers, not knowing her fate. She felt more alive than ever as she rode down the road; she knew her life had now changed. By the time she got home, she knew that now wasn't the time to go on a rampage and she only sensed one other like her. Well, now time to go along with her life.
The medical examiner had never seen a body like this. According to his sources, this group had only sent one person up three days ago - according to the clan mark and the clinic's records. Now, 3 hours ago some homeless had said that one of the clans had been murdered, but he knew that this was worse - this was a pestilence. Twelve homeless. Hopefully this wasn’t some villain’s work. If it was, then this could be the most powerful he had ever heard of.

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