Call of the Riders- the second one

Sonny Sky had always been a scrapper. Any game that you fought in, he’d always been the best. Even the white kids the ones that play with a colored kid. So nobody was surprised when he joined the military. What surprised them was that he joined the Air Force. The reason Sonny stated was he could scrap and kill any Nazis that met him on land and on sea no Jap could take him, so why not try a plane? He thought if a white man could do it - luckily, he got be one of the The Tuskegee Airmen in their Mustang Red Tails.
Over the time he flew he got the most kills and any Nazi that fired at him always missed. It was liked the gods of war had blessed him. He laughed at how hard heroes on land and sea were fighting while the planes were rarely bothered by any Nazi super soldiers. Still, he had lost a few friends to these mages and flying soldiers. But that was soon to be over - all they had to do was blow up this supply depot, and the boys would be able to get to Hitler's place in a matter of weeks instead of months.
As the battle started, the spy blew the anti-air defences - but not in the info was the high mage that was there on that day. He summoned some lightning, taking out three of the nine planes. The others did evasive maneuvers - but not Sonny. The lightning had fried his board and as he was going down he unleashed a pulse from himself. In the minute it took for him to almost hit the spot where the mage was, all the Germans were in a berserker rage killing anything that moved. The last thing Sonny's friends saw was that the mage had used a spell that ripped a hole. All that was left at where the depot used to be were dead bodies, but one of the nazi got up after and smiled. “Well, at least now I know why the red horseman was born so early. I haven't had so much fun since those Indians worshiped me. Well, to my next game. Hey, maybe Russia next - or it could be fun to mess with China.”
Sonny woke up. He looked around. He saw a few Nazis still out in the vehicles they were in before, and what looked like a insideout Nazi wearing mage clothes. He sensed two other presences. If only he could get his plane up in the air. Suddenly the plane started and took off like it had a mind of its own. Well, that was fine with him; Let’s see how this would go.

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