Captain Connell

Captain Connell was patrolling his sector over the planetoid formerly known as Earth when a tremendous temporal anomaly occured! His spaceship was sent back to the present and made a crash-landing just outside of Mainport. A broken and demented man, Connell wanders around, convinced he is on an alien planet and still in the future, desperate to hold together the psyche that the warp-incident tried to hard to destroy. All his weaponry and space-faring gear (save for his helmet) was obliterated in the crash, leaving him to fend off of modern-day utilities which he can use to create post-modern weapons straight from a sci-fi digest!

He also made the bird. From organic matter. A bird corpse and a flower.

He may just be an insane reality-bender, it's not completely clear to anyone.

Powers: Futuristic technology heaped together from present-day items

Kind of Like: Buck Rogers in Event Horizon

Connell Transforming
Captain Connell
Good, but can't tell anymore
Pulp Sci-Fi space-farer
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