One of the new crop of supers who have begun appearing throughout Mainport city. An oddly dressed acrobat, who moves swiftly through the crisscrossing streets and maze like alleyways of Mainport. Doling out justice to all evil doers, and safeguarding the weak.

Carnevale is an enigma to his/her allies, no one knows who hides beneath the mask. But one thing is certain, Carnevale works to protect the innocent from the evils that inhabit this city.

Powers: Linked to the very soul of Mainport city, can manifest super strength, speed, agility, healing, and a special sense that allows carnevale to know where it is needed, powers only manifest within city limits

Kind of Like: Spider-man meets Jack Hawksmoor


Conversation Recordings #6 with Professor Badass, P.A Dapper, and Techno Viking

Mystically empowered hero
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