Cat Commander

A cat raised by orphans, the feline now known only as Cat Commander learned not only to live among them, but also to live like them, communicate with them, making their traits his own. Now he drives cats to rebel against their owners, striving ultimately to drive humans from their homes and establish a homeland for all cat-kind, with him as their benevolent feline fuhrer. He has to be killed nine times before he truly dies. If killed only once he resurrects 24 hours later.

His agenda is kept secret from PETA peter

Powers: Rallying cats in large numbers, night vision, keen sense of sight and hearing, can fall from any height and survive, the evil built up within him has caused the his fur to become a shifting mass of chaos the black coloring shifting like a lava lamp, those of weak minds can be hypnotized by the sshifting color

Kind of like:

Cat Commander
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