Barry Grew up in a loving family in a nice suburb far away from Mainport. he was disgusted at the monotony and shallowness of everyone around him. it drained him of emotion leaving an empty shell ofa person living in a nightmare. When he turned 18 he bought a gun to die in style, on his own terms. his hatred of the world around him was tempered by a woman, she showed not person was shallow and evil but many were. able to feel something for this woman, he put gun away. later when his woman was killed in a car accident. Barry lost his mind, and put a gun to his head, and fired. he woke up in Mainport sewers with a circular burn on his chest and a note in his pocket. it simply said "We are here in the devils city, and we are tasked with cleaning it. pull the trigger and i will come -CircleShade".

Powers: Barry has no special powers other than a significantly boosted healing process. His death can only becuased by himself. Circleshade (the alter ego) mind has no limits, allowing him to push his body to the point of destruction. extremly intuitive, insane reflexes, extreme strength. The CircleShade side can only be brought out when barry is killed. and they can only die if circleshade pushes the shared body to destruction. Dual Personality, Unbounded Mind (think Limitless) sort of like Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

Kind of Like: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, except Barry is a suicidal sociopath and circleshade is a normal looking person with an unbound mind

Barry Bryant AKA CircleShade
Chaotic Good /Anti-Hero
Dual Personality, Brawler
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