Commander Vanderhuge

Commander Ahren Vanderhuge was once the leader of an elite special forces team. As the number of superhuman criminals began to rise, his squad was put into action protecting the people. During a raid on a suspected super-villain hideout, Vanderhuge and his men stumbled upon a lab of super arms dealer.
Finding an array of weapons and equipment the likes of which they had never been seen, Vanderhuge was drawn to a device at the center of the lab. As he had guessed the recent upsurge in superhuman's wasn't a natural occurrence, they were being massed produced in labs like the one they found. The Device would imbue those subjects, willingly or not, with superhuman abilities. Seeing as they were fighting a losing war, and that their side lacked the necessary muscle to protect the people, Vanderhuge made the decision to use the device.
Refusing to let any of his men take the risk, Vanderhuge primed the device and entered the pod. In seconds his body was bombarded with strange energies, he could feel his body shatter and rebuild itself, becoming bigger and stronger. But he had no knowledge of how the machine truly worked, he had set controls wrong and now the machine would not stop, it built so much energy it exploded.
The Blast killed his men, but Vanderhuge survived, his mind warped and destroyed by the process. He led a vicious attack against the supervillains who terrorized the city and the police who were to weak to stop them, he saw himself as the only law. Razing an entire city block before he vanished into eastern europe.

Now years later, he finds himself in Mainport City.

Powers: Super Strength and durability, close quarters combat skills, excellent field commander,

Kind of like: A much stronger psychotic U.S. Agent

Commander Vanderhuge
Former Military
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