Commissioner Beauregarde

His next card fell to the ground beneath the podium. He froze for a moment in terror. He had been a soldier in the Queen's army, he'd hunted men across the world, and he'd been a policeman in one of the roughest cities you'd ever see, but public speaking was the thing that made him nervous. - From Shark and Sparrow Chapter 1

Description: Secretly a former member of The Holmfirth Hunting Club, Beauregarde retired to Mainport where he eventually became Police Commissioner. He has forged an uneasy alliance with Professor Badass and other Mainport superheroes, who help him keep the streets clean when the police cannot. Fighting against internal corruption and Mr. Mahi's constant attempts to have him and his family killed, Commissioner Beauregarde has it just as hard as any superhero.

Beauregarde is the only thing keeping the hot-headed Captain Santoros in check. The only thing stopping Santoros from shooting Mahi in the face is Beauregarde insisting they do it by the book. Santoros is not as easily trusting as the Commissioner and is disapproving of allowing superpowered vigilantes to run amok in his city but understands that they need all the help they can get in their fight against crime, both mundane and super.

Although their relationship can be strained at times, their respect for each other in unbreakable.

Santoros is a loose cannon and Beauregarde is the chief who always threatens to take his badge.

Mr.Mahi believes that because Commissioner Beauregarde has survived against him so long that he's some kind of friend

Powers: Expert criminologist, marksman and hand-to-hand combatant

Kind of Like: Commissioner Gordon but for Mainport


Shark and Sparrow Chapter 1 by Anonymous
Shark and Sparrow Chapter 3 by Anonymous

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