Originally a poor youngster in the Manilla slums, Courier embraced justice and stood up for children who could not stand up for themselves. His upbringing in the slums, however, did not stagnate his brilliant mind, and he eventually moved the United States through scholarship after graduating from his university with top honors. In the US he pursued his love for science, but after a particle collider accident went terribly wrong, he obtained his powers. Now retired from the superhero game, he still can be seen kicking ass and protecting the poor in Mainport.
Not shown: Him knocking out thugs with his escrima sticks at 200 miles per hour in a pair of worn rollerblades

Powers: Ability to manipulate friction. He can reduce airspeed friction and the friction of his skates to the ground to go at blisteringly fast speeds. He can also increase the friction between his body and an object to allow him to stick to virtually anything. He can use these powers on other inanimate objects. Along with these powers, he is also a master of taekwondo (the man has strong legs from all that running) and escrima (he hails from the Phillipines)

Kind of Like: A nerfed Flash, with Nightwing's escrima and Reed Richard's smarts


Justice Riders, Chapter 1 by Anonymous

Scientist, Speedster
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