Crescent, real name unknown, is the go-to girl when it comes to getting information out of people. It is practically a guarantee that she will get a person to talk, however long it takes. She designs and builds her own "enhanced interrogation devices", most of which are considered rather unorthodox, and uses the money she gets from her contractors to… build even more of them. Ironically she is much more likely to let a person go the longer it takes for them to divulge the information she needs; there's nothing she hates more than someone prematurely breaking before she can have her fun, and she will usually continue the torture process right up until the victim's eventual death if they do so.

its rumored that Skinner and Crescent may have some type of relationship.

Powers: None except peak physical prowess and a variety of creative "torture" devices of her own design

Kind of Like: Jack Bauer meets Xenia Onatopp

Private Investigator/Assassin
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