D'arcy Hellebore

The Blackguard, as he's known among the criminal fraternity, is an object lesson in "too bad for his own good". He's a criminal genius capable of orchestrating complex and foolproof heists and scams, but who is compelled to do evil regardless of his utility. He can only use his considerable resources and cunning to carry out crimes even when other uses may be more profitable, and often undermines his own criminal ventures by pointlessly betraying his underlings, going back on his word when it would not be wise to do so, or derailing the entire plan just to carry out an unrelated act of bastardry (for example, pausing in the middle of a jewel heist to take a shit on a child's bed). He still manages to avoid permanent capture.

Powers: Devious intelligence and bottomless capacity for malice.

Kind of Like: The Penguin if his gimmick was betrayal rather than umbrellas

D'arcy Hellebore, The Unconscionable Blackguard
Mid-level crime boss and "idea man/financier" for criminal enterprises
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