Dalton and De Gracy

Dalton and De Gracy where once the best enforcers in the Bertelli mob family. If a job needed to be done quick and easy they where the ones to call.
Dalton was the leader of the duo, a talkative fellow with a steady hand and quick temper. His short fuse and tendency to resort to violence at any slight earned him a lot of enemies within Mainport. An expert marksmen, once you put a gun in his hand and pointed a target you would be certain he would not miss. When not out "working", he would spend his time gambling, drinking, and chasing women.
De Gracy on the other hand was the more subdued of the two, a grim silent figure with a cold thousand yard stare. His forte where tommy guns, and other machine guns. Not much for finesse, he had a certain proclivity for overkill. He was also highly skilled with knives, a skill he picked up in the army.
During a turbulent time in Mainport, when new crime syndicates where popping up trying to supplant the old families, the head of the Bertelli family sent Dalton and De Gracy out on a job. They where sent to assassinate a hood parading as a business man who was making a play for their territory. They ambushed the man's car one night only to find that it was a trap, they were gunned down and left to die in an alley. De Gracy died almost instantly, but Dalton was a fighter, he was still clinging to what little life he had left. After what felt like hours he felt himself begin weaken, his vision going dark.
As Dalton felt his life ebb away he heard a voice call to him, it offered him to save him and De Gracy in return for pledging to fulfill a request. Dalton agreed, not wanting to die in a dirty alley on a heap of garbage. As soon as he did he felt the most intense pain he's ever felt, feeling his strength returning he rose to his feet, though he was still alive he was still badly injured and bleeding from several wounds.
As he looked at De Gray's lifeless body he was horrified, De Gracy's body began twitching his eyes staring widely, it's mouth opened an let loose an unearthly howl. De Gracy's bullet riddled corpse began to rise, every wound blazed with a sickly green glow as they sealed themselves shut. Once again the voice began to speak to Dalton, it told him of his new mission in life, of how he was to find and kill the necromancer Aza'gani. It also explained to him of how De Gracy would be his new weapon, revived and empowered to fulfill this task.
After taking a few weeks to fully recover the two of them set out to search for the illusive necromancer.

Powers: Dalton is an ordinary human, though with a magically enhanced lifespan, he is also an expert marksman.
De Gracy on the other hand is an undead corpse, fueled by dark magics, he has no need for food, or sleep, or rest; if his body is damaged or destroyed he will slowly reconstitute himself until his body is repaired. He's handy with a tommy gun.

Kind of like: Dick Tracy villains, if one of them were a zombie

Dalton and De Gracy
Villains, Neutral
Mob Enforcer and Undead Hitman
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