Delilah Dawson

Even though she has been passionate about composing music since childhood and has steadily pursued it through graduate studies, Delilah couldn't avoid persistent belittlement and spiritual degradation from her peers, professors, and lovers. Bo Samson, a violent womanizer, was the straw that broke her spirit. Delilah made a deal with nefarious forces to obtain her powers — and the means through which she could rid the world of Bo and his ilk.
Part of the heirloom among Delilah's family's heirloom was a collection of Civil War-era weapons; coincidentally, Delilah received these a week before she obtained her powers. After dealing with her formal fling and getting some critical practice with a local gun club, she started offering her assassination services on a free-lance basis.

Powers: Sound manipulation, Shadow camouflage, High proficiency in a vast variety of musical instruments

Kind of like: n/a

Delilah Dawson, alias Lyrebird
Assassin for hire
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