Dr. fist was once an industrious hard working engineer with dreams of greatness. During one fateful night, on his way home from work, he was witness to a titanic battle between Professor Badass, P.A. Dapper, Techno Viking, and the Disciples against the Sade squad and a group of Mr. Mahi's super enforcers.

Feeling helpless and powerless during the skirmish, he vowed to become the most powerful man in Mainport so that battles like this would never happen again. Setting to work he began building a suit of armor whose power would dwarf all, but he ran out of money after finishing the left fist. He turned to crime to finance his suit, only to be thwarted by the heroes, and hunted by the villains of Mainport.
Still he works on in secret steadily improving his fist and seeking to finally complete his ultimate armor.

Powers: Hyper intelligence, superb engineering skills, advanced robotics knowledge; Various Robotic fist's possess super strength, inescapable grip, laser cutters, micro missiles, and grappling hooks

Kind of Like: Doc Ock


Secret of Multimed #2 by Tking

Doctor Harold Merryweather Simeon or as he likes to be known Dr. FISTICUFFS
Technologically empowered super genius
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