El Tiburon was an ordinary lucha libra champion wrestler and surfer from the Baja Peninsula until a faithful encounter. Visiting his esses in Mainport, he chanced upon Professor Badass, who was having a surprisingly difficult time fighting off a group of thugs. El Tiburon intervened, teaming up with Professor Badass to take down the gang. As a reward, the Professor gave him a surfboard that can bend the physics around it to make anything ridable like a wave. To this day El Tiburon continues to protect the city of Mainport while renewing his wrestling career there as well.

He's also a very good friend of fellow surfing hero, Wave.

Powers: Uses a surfboard that bends physics to where it can ride anything like a wave. Buildings, air, etc. Also a former lucha libre wrestler so he's capable of fighting.

Kind of Like:

Physics surfer
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