Was Professor Badass's friend and accomplice, however, after they finished the glasses and he put them on first as the result of a bet, he instantly changed his opinion of the workings of lesser men and abandoned the Professor in his efforts. He now mostly works as a scientist and debater in order to further is own (unknown) agenda.

Powers: He uses two pairs of glasses. One pair allows him to see into the intentions and doings of others, and also all of the workings in the known and unknown universe and it's the pair he wears almost all the time. The other glasses, however, enable him to see the world as it really is, he possess a great intelligence which is a part of why he doesn't go crazy when he puts on the other glasses. With the other glasses, he can basically see into the future, present and past all at once, and because of that, he controls the Butterfly effect. Basically, with the other pair, he can sneeze in the right direction and you'll die 20 years later because of that.

Kind of Like: ???

Mind reader/Visionary
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