Ignacio Martinez

Ignacio was a humble watchmaker in his hometown of El Presido, Cuba and happily married to his childhood love Emiliana even though she could not grant him children. He loved his work and poured every bit of passion he had into his watches. Until one day the violence and brutality of the Communist Revolution of Fidel Castro took away his wife. Trying to cope with the loss of the one woman he truly loved, he locked himself in his workshop and worked day and night on his watches,humming the song his wife always sang, hoping that one day he would invent one that would allow him to go back in time and save his beloved. Unfortunately he has only been able to create ones that can stop and slow down time wich sometimes causes him to erupt in a furious rage and trashing his workshop while screaming :I failed you again my love in Spanish. Fearing that the newly installed Cuban dictator Castro might interfere with his work, he fled to America and ended up in Mainport where he continues to work on the watch that might bring back his wife…

Powers: Able to slow and even stop time with his homemade watches

Kind of Like: Marty Mcfly but without a fancy Delorean

Ignacio Ernesto Jesús Martinez aka El rueda del tiempo
A crazed watchmaker with a obsession for time and amateur inventor
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