Jacob Tawes

Jacob Tawes worked his way up from one of the many cube farms of the MultiMed Corporation to the head of the company's R&D division. After losing his arm to a car accident, he was fitted with a top-of-the-line MultiMed cyberarm, and decided to start featuring him in the company's advertising ("Not only am I an employee, I'm also a very satisfied customer."). His lesser-known job, the one not listed on his official company bio, is "opposition research", i.e. spying on MultiMed's competitors and keeping tabs on anything that might be worth stealing or sabotaging. He usually deploys one of the company's many "security consultants" to carry out jobs like this, but when greater discretion is required, he'll hire freelancers to do the work as deniable assets.

Powers: Cyberarm with Enhanced Strength

Kind of Like: David Sarif, with fewer morals.

Jacob Tawes
Cyborg/Corporate Executive
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