Joselito "Jose" Rosales III

After disaster strikes his hometown in the Philippines, Jose leaves his home country to pursue a job in Mainport City, a growing metropolis. Born into a religious family, Jose prays to God every night, resulting in his unearthly happiness and hope for mankind. Jose finally lands a job at the Mainport Gazette. Noted for his unusual happy-go-lucky attitude, the current editor gave him a little role as a Theater columnist's assistant. While watching Mainport's musical production "Cats" with the Theater columnist, Dr. Hotpants, Gay Bear and all their henchmen, take the occupants as hostage. The Theater columnist is killed by the Gay Bear for taunting them, as Jose watches on in horror. Luckily, Prof. Badass and P.A. Dapper arrive to clean up their act, and save everyone. That night, Jose is inspired by what happened. He goes to his apartment, types up an article about that day, sending it to the editors the next morning. The story becomes a hit, and he gets promoted to columnist. Jose realizes his mission after praying one night, as the Holy Spirit tells him that he must use his journalistic skills for good. In the events to follow, Jose works closely with superheroes, often appearing after the battle to try and interview them. His stories are a whitewash campaign praising the brave heroes, and condemning the wicked. And knowing the risk, hew owns a Snubnosed revolver, and his trusty Balisong. Unbeknownst to him, he resides in the same complex as Loner Luke. He also has a crush on Lady Turul.

In an alternate time line, his cousin Gary Santos became a superhuman due to a viral outbreak, afterwards joining a group known as the The Dynasty. Jose is known to be alive and still residing in Mainport.

Powers: Moral support for heroes, Penmanship, basic Gun safety and handling, a few Balisong tricks

Kind of Like: Jimmy Olson, Dan Eldon, and Tin Tin combined into an Asian man

Joselito "Jose" Rosales III
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