Lady Turul

Turul was raised in a wealthy family in a small town in England, and was often considered a strange child. One night Turul disappeared from her family home. Her family frantically searched for her, but to no avail. She was found a week later standing on the roof of her school, a smile plastered on her face, saying that she had seen the face of God. She said God had told her to leave for Mainport City and to purge it of evil. He had also given her a gift of great psychic powers. While the event had never been mentioned again by her family, she spent the rest of her childhood harnessing the powers she gained. When she turned 20 she left her family for Mainport City, aiming to fulfil her god given duty and patiently wait for her next message. She is said to have a third eye, though its hard to tell with her fringe in the way.

Powers: Telekinesis and other psychic abilities. Can also read fortunes.

Kind of Like:

Lady Turul
A divine psychic and messenger of the Gods, whomever they may be.
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