Little Miss Bruiser

When your daily run passes the local university chem lab during a freak electrical storm, accidents can happen. Formerly a competitive Bojitsu (Japanese martial art of staff-fighting) fighter, Little Miss Bruiser found that, with her newfound powers, she was a danger to her competitors. After paralyzing her good friend from the french team from the waist down, she vowed to make it up to the world. She took an olympic barbell, and, wielding it like one of her staves, decided to take on metahuman crime.

Has as of late become a target for Kyūkyoku no chanpion, also know as the Ultimate Champion, who is looking do defeat all other super strong beings in the world.

Powers: Superstrength; does even, in fact, lift.

Kind of Like: Sportmaster?

Little Miss Bruiser
Super, of course
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