Loner Luke

Born in the slums of Mainport City, Luke Balger and his brother Greg were sons of German immigrant parents. When their parents died in a police drug raid, the two were sent to an orphanage where they spent the next six years fighting the other kids. At around age 18 they got out and Greg found himself a decent job, and the brothers found themselves humble apartment near the poorer areas. But when a high taxes struck the city, the two weren't going to make rent. Luke, out of desperation, went out to steal cash from victims who work near the financial district. For the next year, Luke would mug people, and perfect his style to an art. Soon, his antics catches the attention of Mainport City. Commissioner Beauregarde has Luke on his Most Wanted List, and the papers would occasionally have an article about the lone "serial robber". Despite the unwanted attention, Greg himself is alright about it since it pays rent. Occasionally, villains and syndicates will call upon Loner Luke and ask him to find targets to get answers or money from, and if necessary, kill them. He is apart of the underworld scum that Professor Badass has to deal with.

Powers: Agility, Stealth, Martial Artist

Kind of Like: Niko Bellico

Loner Luke
True Neutral
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