Long Haul

When it absolutely, positively has to get there, and you can't afford air transport, you call Long Haul Jones. Growing up in LA before the collapse of the U.S., he learned to drive in the traffic capital of America, and in the years since immigrating to Australia, he's learned the best routes to get your cargo where it needs to go fast and safe. He won't haul just anything though; if it violates his personal code of honor (hard drugs, human slaves, WMDs, and the like), you can find somebody else. Otherwise, he's the best in the biz, and its a reputation he's earned by being one of the only freelance haulers to survive an attack by the Wastehounds with his haul intact on three separate occasions. Rumor has it that the Queen of Pain has offered a small fortune to whichever of her men brings her Jones' head.

He's also an occasional member of The Global Justice League of Heavy Metal.

Powers: Vehicle piloting skills, travel route knowledge, ranged & unarmed combat

Kind of Like: Han Solo meets Mad Max

Cody "Long Haul" Jones
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