M'beke and the B'wazzano

The B'wazzano were once a hidden tribe that lived in relative peace and prosperity. This peace was shattered when they were attacked in the night by the "man" known as Madubwana, in a matter of hours they had been decimated.

M'beke, the best warrior of theB'wazzano had grown tired of peace, he longed for bloodshed and war and in this he was approached by Madubwana who offered him more power than he could ever imagine and a means to use that power to his hearts content. M'beke betrayed his people, whom were slaughtered and revived by Madubwana's disciple Master Ana'gazi into an army of the dead.

M'beke was then devoured by his former tribesmen. His bones were then imbued with the dark powers of the corrupted earth raising him as an undead engine of destruction. Having been smuggled into Mainport by Master Ana'gazi under Madubwana's orders, M'beke and the B'wazzano stalk the labyrinthian tunnels beneath Mainport city, awaiting the day they will be unleashed upon the populace.

Powers: M'beke posses immense strength and endurance enough to fight the Viking to a standstill, though his body is undead it repairs and heals at astounding rates, He can fire the Dark energies that power him from his "eyes". The B'wazzano are an army of reanimated tribal warriors, they have no will of their own, have no ability to feel pain, cannot get tired, do not need sleep, the posses all of their previous warrior skills

Kind of Like: Solomon Grundy and the army of Darkness

M'beke and the B'wazzano
Undead Warrior and Zombie army
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