Zeke Mayberry was raised in a family of criminals. His father was a petty thief, his mother would defraud banks, so it didn't take long before he was pulled into the life of crime. Joining up with one of the various gangs situated in Mainport he steadily rose through the ranks becoming the head enforcer in his crew.
Accompanying some of his boys on a heist, Zeke was caught off guard when a strange glowing object appeared before them. It gave off a pulsating golden glow before it exploded killing all but Zeke, who was found by police and arrested.
During his recovery in Morris Penitentiary he discovered that he had been imbued with incredible strength, and he used this strength to escape from prison by punching through the walls.
While making his way back to his crew, he was approached by members of Mr. Mahi's organization seeking to offer him a job. Through this meeting he discovered that the incident that gave him his powers was a set up and members of his gang, friends, had sent him to die.
Now he is one of Mahi's top men.

Powers: Super Strength and Durability, Bullet proof skin, really good at fighting with maces

Kind of Like: An evil Luke Cage

Ezekiel "Zeke" Jacob Mayberry aka Mace
Henchman, Mr. Mahi's Super-enforcers
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