Madame Almaz

An entirely silent woman of mystery who communicates her desires through interpreters and messengers, legend makes her to be the daughter of a poor middle-eastern woman and a russian soldier whose village was torn apart in a battle between two rival gangs for possession of a shipment of russian diamonds passing through the region. Through sheer strength of will, cunning and ruthlessness she infiltrated both gangs, gained a loyal following, murdered their leaders and took absolute control of their operations. They say that the diamonds she wears are the very same that her village was razed to the ground for.

Still, she is not entirely without honor, and respects loyalty, ambition and intelligence. It's just that she has detached herself so much from the rest of mankind that it's difficult, if not entirely impossible to read her intentions.

Powers: Vast criminal network, assassins at her beck, incredibly skilled in the use of exotic edged weapons.

Kind of like: Ezio Auditore+the Prince of Persia completely depleted of any kind of goodness, mercy or humanity.

Almaz attacked
Madame Almaz
Villain, Lawful Evil
Crime Queen
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