Me see him in da fiyahs! He be more dan a man, boy! He be a demon in da flesh!
-the visions of a village witch doctor

Aloysius Carne

Once a member of a unknown african tribe he led an army of warriors on campaign of murder and destruction earning the title Madubwana. Made immortal by unknown means he has been at the root of many of the great catastrophes that befall the world, causing wholesale slaughter and war wherever he goes.

Powers: Seductive voice capable of enthralling the weak willed, knowledge of multiple martial arts learned from centuries of walking the earth, wanton disregard for you or anybody, doesn't like cows

Kind of Like: Vandal Savage


Professor Badass #2: Encounter on the Arabian Sea by LAGUNA

Aloysius Carne Better known as Madubwana
Immortal Evil Mastermind
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