Mainport is one of the largest cities in the world, boasting a powerful economy and high standard of living. It's also the largest concentration of super-powered individuals on the planet.


Mainport is the central stage of a super-powered war across numerous timelines.

- Africa: In a world where the Ottoman Empire never fell, North Africa has become a center for economic and cultural trade. Mainport is a bustling metropolis, larger than even Dubai. But recently, more and more super-powered individuals have appeared as if from nowhere. Some have lived in Mainport their entire lives, some have been called there for an unknown purpose, and some are just going where their own personal demons take them.

- Australia: After a world-wide cataclysm left many places a wasteland, the powerful and poor alike relocated to Australia's largest city, Mainport. Practically untouched by the problems of the wasteland, it has it's own set of dangers. Countless refugees to feed, civil-unrest, and the highest-concentration of super-powered individuals on the planet.

- America: Mainport is one of the largest cities in America, boasting a powerful economy, a high-standard of living, and the highest crime-rate in the nation. For reasons unknown, Mainport has seen an ever-growing immigration of super-powered individuals has led to heroes and villains battling in the streets and behind the scenes for control.



Crime: Though there are many criminals and factions vying for power in Mainport's underworld, two figures stand above all else. One is the cutthroat aging businessman, Mr. Mahi, CEO of MahiCorp and a supporter of dozens of charities. He was never content with being at the head of Mainport's largest industrial and economic force, he had to control it's criminal elements as well. The second criminal powerhouse is a man who calls himself Boss Negro. Where Mr. Mahi presents himself as a legitimate businessman, Boss Negro has no deceptions about what he is. But the drug kingpin of Mainport is aided by his ominous mentor, Madubwana, who himself has brought many other unique individuals to Mainport to bolster Boss Negro's control.

Law Enforcement: At the forefront of the fight for the survival of Mainport is Professor Badass. Sent back in time from a dark future, Professor Badass seeks to use his knowledge and skills to change the world for the better, starting with the lynchpin of his timeline's problem: Mainport City. He has begun recruiting teams of vigilantes (super-powered or otherwise) to take back the city and to keep it from going over the edge into total chaos.

In response to the influx of super-powered individuals, Commissioner Beauregarde of the MCPD created SPARROW (the Special Powers and Abilities Rapid Response Operations Wing) to take down any one hero or villain that puts the city or it's citizens in danger. Armed with military super-weapons and led by Captain Santoros, SPARROW may be the force neccessary to bring balance to Mainport's city-streets.


MultiMed, on the outside a pharmaceutical firm with only noble intentions, is in actuality an organization with an extensive cybernetics program and heavy security to go with it.

MahiCorp is a multinational conglomerate owned and operated by Mr. Mahi. MahiCorp sees both legitimate and criminally-gained assets running through it's coffers and it's properties often act as staging grounds for Mr. Mahi's numerous misdeeds.

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