Mainport City

Welcome to Mainport, gentlemen! The most crime-ridden city in America Australia Africa!

A coastal city growing more and more everyday.


Most timelines have it in Africa, while the next majority have it in Australia, the third post popular in in America.


After a world wide cataclysm the USA was turned to a wasteland. This caused most of the most powerful people to move to Mainport. Over time thousands skilled people have appeared there, not all of them human or from this timeline. People speculate the reason for this, but most think that the city itself is alive.
The two factions for evil are Mr. Mahi, and Boss Negro who control most of the under world. While boss negro is hunted by police, Mr. Mahi looks at first glance as an honest business man but don't believe that because rumors say he was a pirate. The last faction is Professor Badass and the heros he leads, from another timeline he has come to try and save this timeline from his words fate. some speculate his coming created 3 distinct timelines.
The protectors of the city the elite team called SPARROW (Special Powers and Abilities Rapid Response Operations Wing) are patrolling to take down any one hero or villains that puts the city in danger. MultiMed also has a big stake in this city with all the cyborgs they design.


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